Green flags are positive signs in a relationship that usually indicate a healthy rhythm amongst partners. Red, pink and even beige flags are often warned against when discussing what to avoid in love. But it’s important to also recognize the positive, early signs in a relationship that can help individuals make informed decisions. Pinpointing green flags can also create a lasting and satisfying partnership. Below is a list of some of the green flags that are worth looking for in a relationship.


Good communication is the foundation of every healthy relationship. Without it, things can fall apart and become strained. If you and your partner can communicate in a healthy and effusive way, it is a beautiful sign that the relationship is headed in the right direction.


Honesty is vital for building trust and intimacy in any type of relationship, but it is crucial in romantic relationships. When people avoid hiding their feelings or opinions from their partners, it is a sign that the relationship is flourishing. Honesty is often uncomfortable, but when both parties are honest, it can save a lot of strain down the line.

Photo by: Vinícius Vieira


Being honest also leads to both parties taking responsibility for their actions and being accountable for their mistakes. It requires being honest and humble about your thoughts and past intentions, even when it’s uncomfortable or difficult. In a healthy relationship, accountability means admitting when you are wrong, apologizing when necessary, and taking the appropriate steps to make things right. It also means being willing to listen to your partner’s perspective and make changes when needed.


Is your partner patient and non-judgemental? Good communication takes time. If you have someone who is in your life, cares about your feelings, and is patient with your shortcomings, then that is a good sign that things are headed in the right direction. In a relationship, patience includes being willing to take the time to understand your partner’s perspective and needs. If the person in your life is doing this, keep them.


Everyone has different comfort levels regarding communication. Anyone who respects your personal boundaries has your interest at heart. A partner who is sensitive to your specific needs, values and cherishes you as an individual. It’s important for a partners to recognize each persons unique preferences, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. When a partner is respectful and sensitive to your boundaries and needs, it creates a safe and secure environment where you can feel comfortable being your true self.