We are getting these tresses together this fall! Over the summer, we may have gotten a little lazy with our hair care regimens but we are not playing anymore games! It can be difficult to find the best regimen when the weather gets cold but our friends at Vida Hair Growth stopped by to lend a helping hand.

Vida Hair Growth has gotten the attention of many users on social media even that of Cardi B, who raves about the results. Mother-daughter duo, Yvette Perez and Qiana Aviles have built the brand since 2014 and now have 50,000 customers, so there is no question to their knowledge of growing our locs! 21Ninety sat down with Qiana to get all the tips and tricks on growing our hair in the cold months!

Photo Credit: Vida Hair Growth

Zayna Allen: First off, let’s talk about Vida Hair Growth. You guys have had so much success over the years. What do you attribute that to?

Qiana Aviles: I think the success comes to just being true to what we believe in. Sticking to that and just growing the brand organically. It’s never been forced, I think that people see that and love what we stand for.

ZA: I’ve seen so many different reviews about Vida Hair Growth. What do you think people love the most- outside of their hair growth?

QA:  I believe that what they love the most is that it’s naturally derived. I’m not sure if everyone knows the story of how we started, but maybe because it started homegrown and organic and those who love or who are looking for this type of product, they love what it stands for. I think that’s what originally gets you, you know, grabs their attention. But then moving forward is the actual results.

Photo Credit: Vida Hair Growth

ZA: What was the storyline behind Vida Hair Growth?

QA: My mom has always been into like natural hair care and just natural products in itself. She’s always done many different kind of teas and stuff. If we got sick or anything growing up, she always made some type of concoction. And then she one day just started with a conditioner and she just started like trying it on the clients my salon and they would love it. I knew we really had something. Then I created an e‑commerce for the product and it just took off on its own. So that’s pretty much the back end story of it. We literally started in the kitchen.

ZA: We know Cardi B is one of the people who have said that Vida has definitely helped her with her hair growth.  What was that like to create that connection with her? Did she find Vita on her own or did you guys reach out to her?

QA: No, she actually found Vida on her own. She DMed the page and she came to pick up the product at the salon and just fell in love with it. We never asked her to do any type of promotion or anything, all that she just did on her own. We never asked for any because we really want someone to love our product and speak or do their own testimonial. That’s pretty much what happened. After that, of course, we have the Cardi B effect where everyone wants to try. Like orders were insane.

ZA: We do know that the fall is here, winter is on its way, and these are the the hardest months to really take care of your hair. So what tips do you have to make sure that we are doing the things that we need to do to so our hair grows in these times?

QA: Definitely one of the first thing that I would recommend is adding steam to your hair. Some salons have this service, some don’t. You could even do it at home with a humidifier and wrapping your hair for 15 to 20 minutes. This now seals all nutrients up and gives your hair the moisture that it needs to sustain these colder months that are coming up. Also, you don’t wanna, um, wash your hair with cold water because it shocks the hair. Definitely use luke warm water and then really quick, use a colder temperature for your hair. Believe it or not, works wonders on the hair.

ZA: A lot of people talk about how they end up losing moisture throughout the winter because of the frigid temperatures. So if somebody wants to make sure their hair stays hydrated, what lanes should they go down to lock in moisture during the winter?

QA: I would def definitely recommend masking at least once a week. That’s essential, you can pick a mask, obviously one of ours *laughs*. We have raw masks, deep conditioning masks and more. I would definitely recommend at least once a week to lock in that moisture because that’s what’s going to make the hair continue to grow and stay healthy during these months. The masks also reverse hair damage; it’s strengthens the the follicles. So I really think besides the humidifying and steaming your hair masks are crucial to healthy hair during these winter months.

ZA: What would be a good Vida product regimen during these colder months?

QA: I would definitely start with our shampoo and conditioner. And then I would go on to a mask and sit with that. We have clients that sometimes sit for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your hair type. We have some clients that leave it up to eight hours. Our leave in tonic would be next, which, I believe, is the holy grail. It helps with edges and it just does wonders to your hair. Finally would be the styling mist because whatever heat you apply to your hair, this is sort of like a heat protectant as well. All our products stimulate hair growth, so that’s a given. But besides that, it also helps like with split ends and so many other things that affect us on a daily basis. So that would be my regimen. You could even get the five kit piece; I would recommend that for anyone who wants to start their hair journey to healthy hair and wintertime is a great time to do it.

Photo Credit: Vida Hair Growth

ZA: Are there any final tips or anything that you wanna let the people know about Vida when it comes to growing their hair during this time?

QA: We are coming out with new products, new formulations and will continue to bring you ladies amazing hair growth products. Stay moisturized, stay hydrated and hydrate the hair, it’s essential to hair growth.