Many often inquire about how to care for curly hair or how to make their natural curls pop with shine and ease. Managing curly hair is indeed a difficult task. So here are some tips with which you can add a wow effect to your hair with minimal effort. 

What to do for your curly hair? 

Your overall health is the key to healthy hair. Hence, incorporating vitamins iron, zinc, and protein into your diet. Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to comb through your hair. Followed by a good massage with warm coconut, castor, or olive oil before washing your hair will improve the texture and quality of your hair. 

Cleaning and conditioning- Try following a regular regime of cleaning and conditioning your curls. If you have any complications in your scalp and are suffering hair loss, you should go to a scalp specialist and take proper medications. Another pro-tip: Use natural products for curly hair as much as possible. These products may have a slow effect but are surely permanent and long-lasting.  

Regular trims are key: If not regularly trimmed the ends may get severely damaged. Not only are regular trims effective but should also be done every six to seven weeks. 

Proper sleeping habits- A good deep sleep of eight hours is needed to repair tissues, develop cells and boost your immune system.   

What not to do for your curly hair

  • Curly hair is very delicate and brittle so do not comb your hair with fine-tooth combs, and refrain from tying your hair very tight. 

  • Do not over shampoo. Curly hair is generally dry. So select your shampoo wisely, which preserves your hair’s natural oils. Try to buy products that suit your scalp and hair.  

  • Never use hot water for cleaning your hair. It dispossesses moisture from your curls and makes them weaker.

  • Avoid using hair products containing alcohol, sulfates, and strong fragrances.

  • Always Remember

    Be consistent and regular with your healthy hair habits. With these above-mentioned easy and beneficial tips which if you follow patiently, and regularly, you will surely get a positive result and can soon confidently flaunt your natural curls with ease and without frizz. Stay healthy and stay beautiful.