With summer ending and fall right around the corner, we have to start tending to our hair more. Colder months means a loss in hydration for your tresses and can lead to them becoming brittle and weak. We are not about to have that this year! Elizabeth Davis, founder of holistic hair care company, Shedavi, breaks down how we can lock in that moisture this fall.

shedavi hair hydration
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Shedavi

Shedavi is a Black woman-owned hair care brand providing a holistic approach to Black hair care in the prestige beauty space, nourishing their consumers inside and out. Shedavi delivers a variety of indulgent hair care treatments with naturally sourced ingredients that leave natural tresses enriched and moisturized. With their product line, naturally curly girls, or even chemically treated girls, are able to create a personalized hair regimen that works for them and their hair goals! Check out tips from the founder below!

Zayna Allen: Can you tell us a little bit about your brand and what you bring to the table for natural girls?

Elizabeth Davis: Shedavi has been on the market for about 6 years now. It started out because I really wanted something for my own hair Knowing what I know about healthy hair,  keeping your hair hydrated, hair growth and keeping your hair full.

ZA: I think that people in general forget that you have to take it up a notch a little bit more once summer is over. What do we need to do to make sure we tend to our hair little bit more when it gets colder?

ED: Well usually in the summer, is it’s more humid outside right so that humidity is really keeping the hair more moisturized. The water in the air is penetrating your hair shaft keeping it more moisturized so with that being said, now that it’s going to fall the air is drier and it’s colder. You definitely want to use products keep your hair hydrated.

ZA: When it comes to hydration, what are some tips that we can use to make sure that our hair stays hydrated throughout the colder months?

ED: The first thing is even though it’s colder, you still want to start with a clean base. You want clean hair and you want your scalp to be clean that way it can absorb the moisture from the product that you’re using. You want to make sure that you’re using a good moisturizing or hydrating shampoo or even a smoothing shampoo depending on the hairstyle that you’re wearing to make sure your hair is very clean. You don’t necessarily want to strip the hair so use a clarifying shampoo as necessary when you have product buildup on your hair. Next thing you want to do is really condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. A hydrating conditioner is necessary because it’s  locking that moisture back into the hair shaft.

ZA: When it comes to the different types of hair, like those who have chemically treated hair, how do we focus on having a good hydrating routine?

ED: If a person has chemically treated hair which is either relaxed or colored the hair shaft has been been disturbed.  Even from heat treatments your hair can be disturbed, like straightening your hair or blow drying it. Your hair shaft and the cuticle layer has been opened and the the structure of your hair may be a little different– it’s not virgin hair. What you want to do is to use a deep conditioning treatment protein treatment when you are restoring your hair. Usually chemically treated hair needs more protein than virgin hair because the cuticle layer has been more disturbed so using a protein conditioner is key. You will probably have to come up with a regimen for yourself because everyone’s hair is not the same.

ZA: We always have this conversation about low porosity hair and high porosity hair. Most people don’t even know what that means. How can we tend to those different hair types?

ED:To debunk the myth – A lot of people mistake high and low porosity hair for the level of thickness of your hair but that is not the definition by the book or science – high porosity hair is hair that has been more chemically treated – easy to hydrate but loses hydration quicker. So for higher porosity hair, we encourage you to use and create a healthy regimen with Shedavi Protein Masque to help restore the hair shaft and give it the ability to hold moisture.

You also probably want a really good leave in conditioner.  We have a really good leave-in moisturizer with Shedavi that you can use on a daily basis to really moisturize your hair if you’re having hydration and moisture loss throughout the day or week.

ZA: What products can we use to get the best out of our hair care regimen and keep these these locks nice and moisturize and not thirsty throughout the fall and winter months?

ED: My favorite products are of course starting out with a really good shampoo and conditioner like I said a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then your protein mask on top of that like Shedavi’s. Then in addition to that, moisturizing your hair throughout the week with a really great leave-in moisturizer, which is also within our line. You can also lock in moisture by using a oil on top of your leave-in conditioner. You can lock in the moisture in your scalp by using our elixir, which has over 20 ingredients that are really great for keeping the hair strong, building up the elasticity in the hair and locking in that moisture.

Elizabeth also mentions that on top of the products you put in your hair, you need to be mindful of what goes inside your body too. A high water intake and a well balanced diet are keys to making sure your hair stays hydrated. You can put all the products on your hair externally but it won’t mean anything if you aren’t taking care of your body inside.

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