Halle Bailey is giving fans a glimpse into her friendship with Serena Williams. The newest Disney princess shared that the pro-tennis player hopped into her DM’s on Instagram, and the rest was history. Halle revealed the details on Instagram’s “SEEN” series which spotlights industry friendships. Bailey explained how the beloved athlete contacted her via DM to provide some encouraging words.

“I remember going in my DMs and seeing it and just freaking out, and I didn’t know what to say,” Bailey explained. “She sent a really nice message, something along the lines of, ‘I’m really proud of you, keep going.'”

Halle also shared that she and her sister, Chloe Bailey, were longtime fans of Serena Williams.

“My sister and I look up to her and her sister [Venus Williams] so much. So I was dying at the interaction. She’s going to watch this and be like, ‘Wow, She’s a really big fangirl of me,'” she added.

Halle thanked her and told Williams how beautiful she and her family were. Williams gave the “Grown-ish” actress her number, but Halle admitted to being too afraid to use it. The two eventually connected at this year’s Met Gala.

“She was so kind, and I met her husband, and I’m just so happy for her,” Halle stated.

This year’s Met Gala is also where Williams officially announced her second pregnancy. At the end of the interview, Halle left viewers with advice: “My advice? Always send a DM. It might just get seen.”