Singer and actress Halle Bailey, who’s set to star in the live-action remake of the Little Mermaid released a Youtube Q & A video yesterday. Answering some of her most asked questions from fans and supporters. Ahead are eight things we learned from the video.

Her Favorite Song From The Little Mermaid 

The star shared that some of her favorite songs from the Little Mermaid include, Part of this World and Under the Sea. She adds, “[my favorite songs] haven’t changed since I started filming the movie and I’m super excited for you all to hear the rest of the songs, there’s four new songs.”

How She Feels Being An Inspiration To Young Black and Brown Girls 


Bailey reveals it was a surreal experience for her seeing all of the Tiktok videos of children reacting to the recently released trailer of the Little Mermaid.  “It’s been really overwhelming I’ve just been crying at all of the videos that you guys have been sending me … I’m just overjoyed and filled with so much gratitude,” she expresses.

How She Reacted When She Got The Role Of Ariel 

She shared that at first when she got the news she was in so much disbelief, she thought it was a prank call. “I was overjoyed that I kinda get to put my own spin on Ariel and who she is to me … is super exciting,” she says.

Struggles She Experienced While Filming the Little Mermaid

Bailey explained that throughout the year she was shooting the Little Mermaid remake she had to endure intense physical training, along with hanging from harnesses and long spans of being in the water. “It was probably the most in shape I’ve been in my life but I think the toughest thing was having to be that strong”.

How She Felt Being Away From Family While Filming

If there’s one thing we know about Halle and her sister Chole Bailey , it’s that they have a close sisterly bond. So while Bailey was away in London for a year shooting the Little Mermaid she revealed it was tough to be away from her sister, brother, and father. Thankfully she had her mother by her side but it definitely took some time to adjust. “We just coped by Facetiming all the time, me, her and my baby brother and dad. But it was a wonderful reunion when I saw them all again,” she shared.

Will She Start Making Jewelry Again

In the spring of last year, the star began making her own jewelry collection via her Etsy Shop, Hallelujah Jewelry. In the store, she sold beaded earrings and necklaces that she crafted in her spare time. “It was so therapeutic for me to do, so yeah, I definitely would start doing it again,” she says.

If She’s Working On Solo Music 

Since returning back to LA again, Bailey shares that there has been making some solo music and a possible music project is underway. “It’s been really exciting to kind of discover and see what that sounds like on my own,” she shares in regards to her process of creating new music.

Lessons She Learned While Filming

 With all the controversy being stirred since Bailey was announced as Ariel for the remake three years ago, it’s not surprising that she reveals she struggled to believe in herself throughout the project. “ I think the biggest lesson I learned in the middle of filming is to believe in myself,” she says.  “ ….In the process, I learned so much about myself and I remember at the very beginning of the film. I was way more timid than I was coming out of it and so it kinda felt like I grew with Ariel,” she continues.

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