Letting go of an ex can be extremely difficult, especially when you’ve cultivated a strong bond with that special someone in your life. Breakups can be hard from all areas as well and regardless of why we choose to put a person in the past, the hurt and disappointment surrounding the situation still remains the same. 

Letting go is a choice we choose for ourselves to release and let go of past hurt. It’s more than just removing someone from your life, but rather a choice we can make to live happier, more fulfilling lives and to maybe one day attract the love we’ve always dreamed of having. 

When we choose to actively let go of the past, we’re choosing to be open to new experiences and opportunities for our highest good and for the highest good of others, though this is easier said than done, and it’s important that we equip ourselves with the necessary tools to be able to move on effectively. 

Write a letter to your ex that only you will see 

Sometimes, a letter is one step closer to giving us the closure we may need especially if you’ve never received closure from an ex. One of the best ways we can close out an old chapter is by writing down all of the things we could and could never say. Writing a letter can help close things out peacefully when it comes to how you react to the situation. Once you write a letter, it doesn't have to be sent. You can rip it up, burn it, or keep it depending on how you feel. 

As awkward as it may seem, pray for them 

Praying for your ex is probably at the top of the most awkward to do lists. Who really wants to pray for an ex that did us wrong? Rather than viewing all of the positive ways prayer can help benefit your ex, try using this as an opportunity to close out an old cycle that will actually help release you from past hurt, pain, and anguish. Holding onto anger and resentment won't help anyone, and in this case it will probably make the situation much worse. 

Unfollow on social media and if necessary block them out of your life literally and figuratively 

Constantly being surrounded by social media is one the precursors to triggering emotions that may surface due to an ex. Sometimes for your own mental health and wellbeing, it’s best to block our exes out of our lives completely even if that means cutting off all communication with them. Whatever you’re most comfortable with doing, just know that you’re doing it for your own benefit. 

Feel the feels 

As the old proverb goes, “Feelings are a luxury few people can afford.” Feeling the feels is beyond difficult when trying to let go of an ex that is no longer serving you. And as hard as it may be to go through the ups and downs within your emotions, it’s extremely necessary so that you can then open yourself up to new opportunities and new experiences for the future. 

Focus your energy and attention on yourself 

Focusing strictly on yourself and your own healing can be extremely beneficial when it comes to letting go of an ex. When we take time out to just focus on healing and cultivating a safe relationship with ourselves, this can therefore help us release all attachments that are both good and bad. 

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