Your menstrual health is a key indicator of your overall health. Women’s health coach and fertility awareness educator Berrion Berry explained that a women’s menstrual cycle are great places to get frequent data about their health. It will shine a light on which hormones to support

“In general, if your period or PMS is preventing you from living your day-to-day life, [then] it’s a sign to pay attention.” Berry told 21Ninety. “Periods are normal, but pain, PMS and discomfort shouldn’t be.” 

An irregular period is the first sign that something is off with your body and is in need of additional support, according to Berry. A women’s menstrual cycle is something worth paying attention to when it comes to bettering her health. Here are four action steps that women can take to heal their hormones. 

Hydrate Throughout the Day

Berry recommends for women to ensure that they are having “enough nourishing liquids” throughout the day. This can include wild blueberry juice, hibiscus or red raspberry leaf tea. It also includes spring water, coconut water, bone broth or miso soup. 

Add Supplements to the Body

This is going to look different for every woman. However, in general, Berry encourages women to get enough magnesium and vitamin D to help regulate their cycle, and overall hormonal health. 

Optimize Nutrition 

Put simply: eat better, not less. While that might sound vague, Berry encourages women to emphasize the importance of eating protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Berry also encourages women to eat in sync with their menstrual cycles and to eat for each phase produce-wise. She recommends fermented foods to help support the liver, metabolize estrogen and support the detoxification of the entire body. 

Nervous System Regulation

When it comes to hormone health, it’s important to realize that the nervous system will directly impact the endocrine system, which is the place where hormones come from. A daily practice of simple nervous system regulation is a game changer for hormone support. 

“Breathwork is a simple and efficient place to begin,” Berry said to 21Ninety. “I teach my clients to turn their attention to their breath and to do just 60 intentional seconds of alternate nostril breathing.”