For the longest time, alcohol, pop, and a list of other beverages have been viewed as “good time” drinks. When I was younger I also had that mindset. Because of that, I spent my weekends sipping on whatever sugary or alcoholic beverages to unwind. Gradually, my indulgence began to take a toll. It first started with grogginess, then bloating. I finally decided to completely cut off alcohol and sugar and replace it with water. The transition was not difficult at all, and I seamlessly eased into the new lifestyle; but here are a few things that changed.

Less General Discomfort

People don’t talk about this as often as they should, but the older you get, the uglier the aftermath of alcohol. Usually, after a night out on the town after a few drinks, the next morning would feel absolutely horrible, with splitting headaches and general discomfort overall. As soon as I cut out alcohol, the heartburns stopped, and I immediately began to feel more at peace within myself. My inner equilibrium shifted for the better.

Photo Credit: Rachel

A Stronger Immune System

As people age, there is a tendency that they will react to unhealthy habits in different ways. I noticed that after I would drink beverages with a lot of sugar or alcohol in them, my nose would become irredeemably stuffy. In the days following my alcohol-free lifestyle, my nose hardly congested, I became less prone to unnecessary drinking-related nose sniffles.

Photo Credit: Jessica Felicio

Clearer Skin

It is public knowledge that sugary drinks and alcohol tend to be bad for the skin in the long-term. This was the case for me, but I noticed that after I kicked certain drinks to the curb and stuck with water and tea, my skin cleared up quickly. Drinking more water, coupled with my ongoing skincare routine gave my sheen an amazing glow.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Fern

I Felt Lighter, Happier

Taking excessive carbonated and alcoholic drinks can wear a person down emotionally over time. Although certain drinks help to elevate “fun times,” the morning after is usually challenging. Substituting “heavier” drinks for water improved my mood over time, making me more relaxed and happier in a broader sense.

The first few sips of alcohol are perfect for erasing inhibitions, but there is a price to pay the next morning, and I got tired of paying that price.

Photo Credit: Jessica Felicio

Some Weight Was Lost

With my consistency also came physical rewards. At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but after a while, i realized that i was in fact, shedding some pounds due to my healthier diet and lifestyle. I wouldn’t change my decision for the world.

Photo Credit: Madison Lavern