Breakups can be extremely rough when it comes to letting go, moving on, and healing our lives in positive ways. When it comes to moving on without someone we thought we’d be with for a long time, this can also make dating post-breakup extremely hard as a result. 

If you've never heard of the term “oystering” and are trying to get back in the dating scene post a rough breakup, you’ve certainly come to the right place as we have the scoop towards why this new dating trend may just be the key to living your best life. 

According to Hype Bae, the term oystering refers to “The newest dating trend of making the world your oyster, fresh out of a breakup and all.” Oystering can be used to keep your options open, date multiple people at once, and level up to do pretty much do any and everything your heart desires. 

And though oystering can also be viewed as escaping the healing you may have to do post-breakup, it certainly doesn't mean that you have to completely stop your life and not have fun while you’re going through a rough time. 

“Ultimately, dating should be fun, and what better way to get over a breakup than having some fun?” states Badoo dating expert Sophie Mann to Hypebae.  

Though oystering has been a centuries-old tradition, the trend is a great new way to live out 2022 by homing in on self-transformation and self-love. In addition, the dating sequence is a great way for you to truly get to know yourself, your wants, and the things you like most about the dating process, outside of a relationship. According to a recent article published by Badoo in January, “50% of singles actually shared they’re even excited to start dating again in 2022.” The recent findings are a great way to enjoy life just a little bit more these days with a looming pandemic that is constantly at our necks. 

Ultimately, oystering has come at a time where we really need it most- especially to help those that often struggle with dating and are into more monogamous relationships. Now that dating has significantly changed over the years, the dating trend is changing how we view giving our time and energy into just one person and can help you to explore a wide range of possibilities that are calling your name.