In preparation for New York City’s annual Pride Parade, Hennessy Carolina took Vogue along with her as she shopped with her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz. 

They could be seen trying on statement pieces from American Vintage described as "a cornucopia of yesteryear designer finds." Henessy tried on a vintage powder pink Moschino Couture gown that made her feel like a "lesbian princess" and Diaz invited Hennessy to an impromptu salsa session in a bedazzled playing-card coat. Through their private fashion show, the love between the two take center stage in the shop. 

Their love story began as a modern-day fairytale: It went down in DMs. 22-year old Hennessy recounts seeing Diaz on her Instagram explore page and was immediately drawn in by her outfit and facial features. After looking at the photo a little longer she told her sister, our favorite friend-in-our-head Cardi B, she thought Diaz was cute and claimed "this is my wife."

From a private message to a life together, the duo have been together for more than a year and now share an apartment, two dogs and, you guessed it, clothes. The two are expressive fashion lovers and that love of theirs is one of the many things that adds to their compatibility. 

"I was always supposed to be, meant to be with a Virgo ‘cause they said Capricorns and Virgos are best friends," Hennessy shared with Vogue. "We are very compatible," Diaz concluded. 

Watch below to see the how this fashion-forward couple prepared for pride and the cool items they found on their trip:

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