Whether you’ve been working long hours, pulling all-nighters to study or are gearing up for all the holiday soirees you’re going to attend, your eyes don’t have to tell world what you got going on. 

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A group of dermatologists spoke to the New York Times about the cause(s) of dark circles as well as some potential means of treatment. Some of the major causes include: volume loss, excessive pigmentation and visible blood vessels. When dealing with more severe cases of dark circles, it is wise to see a dermatologist to determine the best course of action, but if you want to start dark circle prevention or just wake up your eyes, here are the 10 top-rated Sephora eye creams under $50 for you to try: 


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $48

This tinted eye cream is a "Clean" (link: https://www.sephora.com/clean-beauty-products) product at Sephora, and is unique because it is a two-in-one makeup and treatment formula for your eyes. It awakens the eyes with hydration while reducing the look of fine lines and dark circles. The akoya pearl extract works to address the causes of darkness under the eye. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“Absolutely lovely. Thank you Tatcha for the diversity in shades! I have always had dark circles under the eye and instantly this product did the work of my concealer (definitely able to use alone) and for additional coverage u can use with it. My complexion in foundation is a 600- mocha in Dior Airflash for those wondering if it would match/ blend into their own. This item is perfect for that no make up look (but I love eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara)I will be rocking this product on a regular basis. Worth the cost.”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $46 

This hydrating eye cream is made for all skin-types and markets itself as a solution for dryness, dark circles, puffiness and loss of firmness/elasticity. Thanks to the ingredients within it, including date seed extract, avocado protein extract, hyaluronic acid and more, it enhances the skin’s moisture level, evens the texture and helps the area build firmness. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“I’ve been using this eye cream for months now and I've definitely noticed a difference! It is super hydrating but has a lightweight gel texture making it easy to use both morning and night. My makeup sits nicely on top of this eye cream and never pills. Some other eye creams sting my sensitive eyes, but this one never does!”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $45

Who knew an eye cream could defy gravity? Clinique, that's who. This eye cream is made to lift and firm the skin under your eye as it brightens and hydrates. It adds suppleness to the skin to avoid the appearance of fine lines and helps lighten dark circles. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“This eye cream is the first that has ever had any impact on my dark circles. The dark circles aren't gone–they're genetic and not much I can do to get rid of them completely–but my eyes look less tired on a day-to-day basis. The fine lines are also less noticeable. I use it both in the morning under my undereye concealer (like I said, dark circles not gone, just way less noticeable) and at night. Definitely worth it!”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $44

When it come to healthy, prosperous skin, it’s great to use products that help with anti-aging. This cream not only reduces dark circles, puffiness, signs of tiredness and increases moisture, but it also nourishes and tones the skin to keep it looking youthful for longer. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“This product totally does what it claims to accomplish in the eye area. It absorbs well, doesn't look greasy, but completely hydrates the skin under the eye. Some products that I have used actually leave my skin feeling dryer, not not this product. I love it – can't live without it.”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $38

Packed with jojoba oil, shea butter, squalane, carrot root, vitamin A/C/E, arnica and allantonin, this moisturizing eye cream lives up to its name. With applications twice a day, this product helps to stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness, increase hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Although the company is made for men, it prides itself as being “borrowed by women.”

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“I bought this eye cream after a recommendation from one of the ladies at the store. She said it was made for men but loved by women. So my husband and I both started to use. WE LOVE IT. What a great product. It does on smooth, does well with my makeup, and works really nicely.”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $38

We’ve often spoken about the importance of vitamin c in your skincare products, and this creme can help you achieve two skincare goals at once. While targeting fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, it also brightens your under eye, penetrates the skin to provide deep hydration and creates a smooth canvas for makeup-wearers. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“I absolutely love this eye cream!! It is a perfect base for my eye makeup and really make your eyes looks bright. The creme melts into your skin and does not leave you feeling greasy at all. Plus the smell is amazing!!!”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $38

Another Clean product at Sephora, this eye treatment is made to revitalize your eyes and provide a natural approach for cell renewal. With the combination of amino acids, antioxidants, coix seed, vitamin E and willowherb, using this product will help improve softness, reduce puffiness/dark circles, smooth the appearance of fine lines and provide anti-aging benefits. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“I've been using this product for about 2 years now. I started using it when I was having a problem with dry, flaky skin around my eyes. Nothing was working, so I tried this product and voila! It is the perfect product. I have numerous allergies and this is non-irritating and completely rich and moisturizing. Totally worth the splurge.” 


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $38

There’s an oil for everything, and this organic eye oil assists in toning, smoothing and brightening the eye area. The applicator for this product is a rose quartz ball that “provide[s] a soothing experience, while also passing along the vibration of love to you.” So what’s in the oil? It’s made with: organic noni, tomato fruit, marine bamboo extracts, kahai and coffee oils.

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“Let me start by giving some background. I’m 37 with hereditary dark circles as well as fine lines. I have tried everything under the sun-including Juvederm fillers. I have found my routine and this product is part of it. I first use De Dennis Gross Ferulic+Retinol Serum, let that sink for a few minutes, apply this Kora Noni Oil…and let me say this sinks into your skin beautifully. Lastly, I apply Ole Henriksen's Banana Bright. These three products have made my undereyes look the best it’s ever been! My concealer lays over it perfectly. It’s a dry oil and will not make your makeup slip and slide. If you’re young and don’t need extensive creams, this will be perfect for you!”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $36

This fast-absorbing gel cream is the remedy for eyes with fine lines, dryness and loss of firmness. It delivers hydration and boosts the "appearance of fitness." This product is formulated to be used specifically in the daytime, and can be worn alone or under makeup. It can be used on the under-eye as well as the eyelid. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“Excellent eye cream! Another win from First Aid Beauty. Fine lines have diminished and I even think my dark circles appear lighter. I have very sensitive skin and I have not been disappointed by any of these fine products. I wish they would come out with a line of cosmetics for sensitive skin. Especially a BB cream.”


PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $32

In just 2 weeks, this eye gel cream is said to give you smoother, stronger, more radiant-skin while battling loss of elasticity, dryness and dullness. It also helps to battle damages caused by environmental stressors in order to brighten the skin and increase vitality. 

Here’s what one Sephora reviewer said: 

“I really enjoyed this product! I’ve always had problems with dark circles around my eyes since my youth (youth) and later on, I dealt with dryness underneath, no matter what I tried nothing really ever worked for me. I tried this as per recommendation from Jackie Aina and I loved it. It noticeably brightened my under-eyes and has given me more confidence to use less concealer. I find that it helps letting it properly sink into the skin before applying anything like makeup on top or it will ruin your concealer. Note: I’ve been using it diligently since I bought it & I use it sparingly as a little goes a long way. I use three tiny dots underneath and one generous dot on my lid and tap with my ring fingertip before I gently massage into my skin.”

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