Black hair care is a fundamental industry that doesn't receive the proper recognition it deserves, and in this case, there are a plethora of Black-owned brands out there that deserve the same recognition as other notable brands that are constantly changing the game. In honor of Black History Month, we are continuing to support the brands that are helping to diversify the industry while also helping to prioritize the needs of the Black community in a positive way. 

Sassy Hair Cap

Sassy Hair Cap is just what you need to prioritize self-care and hair care all in one. Ranging from satin pillowcases to satin sleep caps, Sassy Caps are proudly manufactured in the US and are set to fit all crown sizes, textures, and braided styles. 

Bomba Curls

Join the Bomba curl squad by embracing your curls with super organic ingredients that help to moisturize the hair shaft and support healthy hair growth. Founded by Afro Domincana, Lulu Cordero, Bomba Curls wants to help you achieve your best natural curly do with unique elements formulated for a long-lasting wash-n-go, scalp nourishment, and healthy hair growth. 

Oyin Handmade 

Homing in on simple ingredients that result in amazing results, Oyin Handmade is a clean, all-natural hair care company that prides itself on moisture-enriching supplements to help you achieve your hair goals in style.

Shea Radiance 

Funlayo & Shola Alabi, Co-founders of Shea Radiance, wanted to change the world through womanhood and positive environmental impacts that are helping to bring us closer to a more eco-conscious world. Ranging from Keratin Deep Conditioning Hair Masks to Nourishing Hair Repair Creams, Shea Radiance is changing the hair care game with unconventional formulation processes to help you look and feel your best. 

Design Essentials 

Nourish and revitalize your fro with Design Essentials this month by lathering your strands with quality hair care that promotes movement and manageability. Providing healthy hair styling products, Design Essentials serves as a very personal and intimate hair care experience to help you eliminate stress and everyday worries when styling your tresses. Founded by Cornell McBride in 1990, Design Essentials wants to help promote proper hair care education with a healthy perspective.