Dating in today’s age is extremely difficult, especially now that the dating pool has primarily transcended online, and whether we realize it or not we are now more vulnerable to non stop access to others via social media, texting, and the internet. 

As interesting as it is, it can also be really scary to navigate an all inclusive online dating world, where much of how we relate to others has changed. In specific, our communication with others is more focused on accommodating a modernized way of communicating that isn't always healthy, such as ghosting others when we don't feel like talking, “dry responses” that only lead to more resentment, and “catfishing.” 

Below we tackle five key things that kill modern relationships and give tips/tricks on how to make modern relationships work better for you. 

Not Establishing Intentions 

One of the best factors that kill modern relationships is not establishing intentions within our relationships. When we don't create an open space for communication, this is a huge mistake that can lead us down the rabbit hole. By remaining clear with others as to why we want “said” relationship in our lives, we can live more in truth with who we are and prevent the someone from getting severely hurt in the process. 

Holding Onto Expectations 

By holding onto expectations of who and what someone could be rather than believing in who they actually are, is a great precursor that leads to disappointment within your relationships. Holding onto expectations can also look like putting others on a pedestal, which can in turn put a lot of pressure on others to wear a “false mask” in the relationship. 

Ignoring too Many Red Flags

Red flags are God’s way of showing who someone really is, and when they show up, it’s best not to ignore them. If you want long term success within your relationships, you have to get better at accepting and addressing uncomfortable truths.

Putting Up A Front 

Putting up a front can look like many things, but for one it mainly looks like showing up as someone you’re not. We want to feel as though others can accept us, regardless of the measures that may require sometimes, so it’s important for our relationships to create the space for us to just be ourselves. If that’s not possible, then it’s time to reevaluate. 


Ghosting is a truly insensitive thing to do to someone else, and though ghosting is sometimes necessary if you’ve encountered a stalker, or if you’re being harassed for instance, in other cases it’s a hurtful way to go about ending a relationship and officially needing to cut ties. If a situation arises where you need to ghost someone, be honest and let them know that the relationship isn't quite what you're looking for. The truth hurts, but so does ghosting.