Ever since I was young, I have suffered from bloating, cramps, irritability, and headaches every single month. Ibuprofen barely managed the pain, and then it all hit me again just as hard the next month. So, how do you ease your cycle?

Simply put: to regulate the cycle, we have to have our hormones under control. This could include specific lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, as well. Another factor we need to consider is stress. One of my favorite stress relievers? Essential oils. Not only do they positively affect our moods, but they can also help relieve the physical symptoms of PMS like cramps and bloating.

Here are four essential oils to help you support a healthy menstrual cycle and help with PMS pain: 


Photo: Planet Therapy

Clary sage oil is a must-have if you have strong PMS symptoms, helping to treat both our physical and emotional symptoms. A profoundly relaxing oil, clary sage lifts mood and reduces stress. Research shows it also acts as an antispasmodic to relax muscles and ease menstrual pain. 

To use as a PMS remedy, add ten drops of clary sage to a tablespoon of carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil. Rub onto lower abdomen and cover with a warm towel for 2-5 minutes. Or stir the oil into a cup of Epsom salt and add to a warm bath.


Photo: Now Foods

Lavender oil is always a solid choice. It can ease headaches and also act as a mild analgesic for cramps. Put some lavender in your bath or keep it on hand for when you need to chill sis.


Photo: Plant Therapy

Cypress Oil is a good one to help with menstrual cramping. The warming oil improves circulation and soothes and relaxes to help with muscle and joint pain. Use this oil in a hot compress, bath or aromatherapy session for PMS relief.


Photo: Floracopeia

Often thought of as an aphrodisiac, rose essential oil correlates with women’s reproductive health. Rose can have a relaxing effect on the uterus and can ease heavy periods, indigestion and regulate menstrual flow. Mix this oil onto your stomach and relax, sis. 

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