The rap star took to Twitter to boast about how much she made for a 35-minute performance.

In a post on Twitter now deleted by Cardi B let her haters know how well she stacks her money.  She revealed she received $1 million last weekend  for a 35-minute set at an elite banker’s event . Her mini concert happened at the 2022 Miami Art Basel event and she performed exclusively for Chase Sapphire cardholders.

“I got payed 1 million dollars to perform at this elite bankers event private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes ……THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU TYPE ABOUT THIS GRAMMY WINNER, said Cardi B in the tweet. The post also featured a invoice showing her $1 millon payout.

This was in response to someone berating her on Twitter. “Not the Grammy winner performing in someone’s backyard”, said a person in one tweet.

Cardi B continued clapping back at haters in another tweet, were  someone criticized the Jean Gauliter bodysuit she performed in. “Sooo was this worn for that bankers event,” said one twitter user.

The raptress responded by saying  “Yes … it’s a custom Jean Paul Gaultier look and it represents the purest form of women’s bodies.”

She then drove her previous message home by sharing a throwback photo of Naomi Campbell wearing the same bodysuit.