Sometimes in relationships, you may run into a dangerous person who masquerades as caring, compassionate, and loving at first. Unfortunately, some dangerous people are very good at camouflaging who they really are. Narcissistic sociopaths can be deceptive manipulators who are so good at their game that you won't know that they are taking the maximum advantage of you before it is too late. One way that they do this is by love bombing you. Love bombing is the process of creating a false sense of connection or steamy chemistry by flooding a person with attention and affection.

And as the recipient of love bombing, it can feel extremely, really good because of the release of dopamine it can trigger. Here are ways that you can know if you are being love-bombed.

Too Much, Too Soon

At the early stages of a relationship, the love bomber will emotionally manipulate you towards committing to the relationship before you have had time to know them and truly allow things to develop naturally.

Excessive (And Unnecessary) Gifts And Compliments

It's one thing for your partner to be sweet, warm, and complimentary, but it is another thing for the affection to feel dizzying. One thing about a love bomber is that they heap on a lot at a time, and nothing with them is ever measured or paced. If your partner gives you appropriate gifts at appropriate times, that is commendable, but when it starts to go overboard, that is an indicator of love bombing.

Crossing Boundaries

Setting boundaries is important for every type of relationship, and for a relationship to have mutual respect, there have to be boundaries in place. It is a red flag if you notice that your partner is crossing your boundaries. If you notice that your partner is forcibly asking you to do something you are uncomfortable with, it is a potential sign of love bombing. 

Too Much PDA

Expressing public affection is standard in most relationships, but it might be a glaring example of love bombing when it goes overboard. There is such a thing as too many overwhelming public displays of attention. An example of this might be touching you unnecessarily before your loved one or trying extra hard to make your relationship seem more idyllic than it is. 

Ultimately, love bombing is dangerous and extremely scary because when your new partner is acting like they are genuinely head-over-heels for you, it can seem amazing, but when they suddenly change towards you, you may be tempted to blame yourself for their behavior, and this can ultimately erode your self-esteem.