When self-care comes to mind we typically think about getting our hair or nails done, having a relaxing facial or massage, or simply drinking a glass of wine on the couch after a long week. If you’re someone who likes to practice self-care from the comfort of your home then you definitely know about face masks, but have you heard about foot masks?

You may not have noticed them before because foot masks are usually sold in pretty similar packaging as facial sheet masks. 

They’re shaped like a sock, and contain a serum-covered fabric on the inside, with a layer of foil or plastic on the outside. Some foot masks include a cinch around the ankle to tightly secure the mask around your feet, but for the most part, it isn’t going anywhere. You can leave them on for as long as directed, and walk about your home as you normally would. 

Foot masks are used for the purpose of providing intense hydration and moisture to the feet, leaving them noticeably smoother after use. Keep in mind, because foot masks are not the same as a foot peel or clay mask, they will not exfoliate or peel off dead skin. After you remove the masks, you can also rub the leftover serum onto your feet and legs for a little extra TLC. 

Foot masks are an effective way to provide moisture to the feet because it acts as a barrier for the heat that our body naturally gives off. 

This, in combination with the serum contained inside the masks, allows for it to penetrate deeper into our skin and effectively deposit lasting moisture.

Foot masks are great to incorporate into your self-care routine because they’re generally really inexpensive, and can be found anywhere from the drugstore to the beauty supply to higher end makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. They’re even available in a variety of scents. So the next time you’re ready for a self-care day or night, grab your book, glass of wine, or press play on your favorite series, and kick your feet up with a luxurious foot mask. 

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