Traditionally, companies have allowed employees to take sick days to recuperate; however, the idea of taking some time off to rejuvenate yourself mentally is a little bit of a gray area and can be more challenging to pull off. Even though there is a push for more inclusivity, mental health days off are not commonplace. When you’re feeling too overwhelmed, it can hurt your work performance and affect how you interact with people around you. Knowing when to take a mental health day off is important, but it is also crucial to be honest with your employer about why you are taking the day off. Do not try to pass off your break as a physical ailment. Here is why everyone needs to take a mental health day.

It Improves Energy Levels

Although the signs may not be all there, when you feel like your energy and mood levels are falling off, taking a mental health day is a time to boost your mental energy. On the other hand, several other indicators can signify that you need a break. Some of these indicators include changes in your mood, changes in your productivity, or changes in your memory. This is a sign to listen to your body and take the day off.

It Can Help You De-Stress

While it is essential to take a day off for your well-being, taking a mental health day can also help you relax, reset and think retrospectively, reset your perspective, and maybe a need to step back and reevaluate your goals in life. When you are overwhelmed and stressed from work, taking a break can help you focus and get back on track to the vibrant queen you are.

It Helps You Reconnect With Loved Ones

If your relationships have been on the back burner for a while due to work or other responsibilities, then a mental health day can help you get in touch with loved ones and catch up. As human beings, we are created to be in community with people who genuinely love and support us for who we are. Spending time with these people can give us a feeling of belonging and love.

If you are planning to take a day off for mental health purposes, do it, but aim to use it for healthy, productive activity rather than binge-drinking, staying in to eat junk food, or isolating yourself from the world. This is an excellent day to go for a walk, no matter how short, disconnect from social media for a few hours, or read a book.