We love Kelis. Other than being an awesome musician and teaching us that "Bossy" isn't always a bad thing to be, she's constantly leading the charge and inspiring us in some way. And her latest inspiration is in the way of sustainability and respecting our environment. In an interview with Architectural Digest, Kelis shared that she plans to sell her Glendale home and move to a farm.

On the farm, Kelis and her family (she has a husband and two sons, ages 8 and 2) can be in control of what her family eats, how they live and how they sustain resources for our earth.

“Now that I’ve got these two boys, I want to control a little bit more how we eat,” she says, “We’re buying a farm, so that’s why we’re moving: so that we can grow everything and sustain everything that way.”

And although she'll be leaving behind a beautiful five-bedroom home with a heated saltwater pool and an extravagant kitchen (she's also a chef, educated at Le Cordon Bleu if you didn't know), her family will be able to enjoy the foods they love and the company they cherish just the same on the farm.

So next time you feel like growing your own food and living a sustainable life is a goal you shouldn't put in effort to pursue, focus on what you value like Kelis did. What's important to you is possible, and sustainability and health should be important to all of us.

Check out her full story on Architectural Digest.