Let me tell you about a magical product called shea butter. I’m not talking about shea butter lotion, or SheaMoisture brand products (although those are nice, too). I’m talking about pure, 100 percent natural shea butter, which is a food (!) that comes from the fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. 

I’ve known about shea butter for a while now, but had never tried it. Strangely enough, I stumbled upon shea butter a few weeks ago when I was searching for a safe skin product to use on my dog, who has extremely dry, flaky skin. I didn’t want to have to purchase additional medicated products for my dog, so my sister, who recently started using shea butter to treat her eczema, suggested I try shea butter. She told me it’s natural and helped clear up her eczema within a few days. So, I went ahead and purchased this 100 percent natural raw African shea butter from Amazon and hoped for the best. (Note: please do not experiment with skin products on your pet without consulting a vet or pet expert.)

If you think coconut oil is exciting, shea butter will be revolutionary for you. Although it is similar to coconut oil because it’s a solid at room temperature and melts as you rub it in, shea butter moisturizes ten times better and resolves dry skin faster. 

Not only did the shea butter completely solve my pup’s dry skin problem, but I started using it myself and discovered it has a wide variety of uses! Here are some of the best ways to incorporate shea butter into your daily life.  

Hand cream 

It will help you get those ashiest places, like your elbows, ankles or in between your fingers. 

Lip balm

I tried it on my lips when I couldn’t find my chapstick, and it was heavenly. 

Body lotion 

If it works for my dog’s dry skin and my sister’s eczema, I bet it’ll be a great moisturizer for you, too. 

Hair conditioner 

Use shea butter to moisturize your hair and scalp (the same way you might use coconut oil). 

Healing scabs, scars and burns

Next time you have a cut or scrape, try switching out your vaseline or neosporin for shea butter. You’ll be surprised by how well it works! 

Pain relief from swelling and arthritis

Who knew?  

Muscle relaxation and stiffness 

Give yourself an amazing massage using shea butter. 

Treat dark spots, skin discolorations, stretch marks, wrinkles and blemishes 

Everyone wants clear skin, and shea butter could help get us closer to it.   

And the best part about shea butter? It. Does. Not. Expire. So, once you buy some, it’ll be good until you run out. 

Have you incorporated shea butter into your life? Share all the ways you use it!