Meet Jewel Burks Solomon. Let’s get into how this amazing woman is shaping the future of tech and who has access to it. As the head of Google for startups in the US, Solomon levels the playing field for Black and brown startup founders by connecting them with the best of what Google has to offer. Her position not only helps redefine the power structure in the tech giant world, but it also acts as motivation and fuel for those wanting access but fearing there is no place for them. Jewel Burks Solomon is a Black woman making history in real-time with her innovation and leadership. Know her!

Amazon acquired Jewel’s first startup in 2016.

Partpic, of which Solomon was Founder/CEO, streamlined the purchase of maintenance and repair parts using computer vision technology. After its acquisition, she joined Amazon as product leader for their Visual Search and AR team. In collaboration with the commerce giant, she launched the company Amazon Partfinder in 2018 to 150 million users. 

Solomon is a managing partner for Collab Capital.

The investment fund closes the funding gap for Black entrepreneurs. 

Jewel serves on the board of re:Imagine/ATL. 

This non-profit trains and inspires Generation Z to build careers in the creative and digital media industries. 

Last year, she was named one of "Atlanta’s Most Influential People." 

In a city that is booming with creativity, infrastructure, and successful Black women, this is a tremendous honor!


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