Holiday gift guides are trending. And to kick off the spirit of giving, you can make a difference in the world, even while you shop.

How Giving Back Helps Others

Giving during the holidays is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps those in need. There are always people who are struggling to make ends meet, and giving them a helping hand can make a big difference in their lives.

It also helps to make the world a better place. When we give to others, we are showing our concern and care for our fellow human beings. We are making a difference in the world, one act of kindness at a time.

How Giving Back Helps the Giver

Giving back to the community is important for a number of reasons. For example, when people give back, they are often giving of their time, money, or resources to help others. This can make a big difference in the lives of others and can even help to improve the world around us.

Giving back can be beneficial to our mental health. Helping others can provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction. It can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. And, when giving back to people or organizations that we care about, it can also help us to build stronger relationships.

It also helps build goodwill and strengthen community spirit. When we help others, we feel good about ourselves and our community. And as a result, we get to know more about each other and strengthen the bonds that we share.

Holiday Gift Guide From Feel-Good Companies That Give Back

As cliche as it sounds, giving back really does make the world a better place. To get into the spirit of giving, here are five feel-good businesses to support this holiday season:



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If you suffer from acne, you’re not alone. And not just because affects up approximately 50 million Americans according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. But because RAF FIVE is here to help.

RAF FIVE is a skincare company that specializes in creating acne products that work. From roll-on acne treatments to broad spectrum suncreens, RAF FIVE has everything you need to not only clear up annoying acne, but care for your skin.


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And because 85 percent of American teens are affected by acne, which can increase their risk for mental illness, RAF FIVE decided to do something about it. They partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to donate $1 for every purchase they receive to help people with mental health problems. Now that’s something to feel good about!

Wax Buffalo

Wax Buffalo is a company that makes candles with the environment in mind. From seasonal candles to gift sets, this sweet-smelling company is a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.

They even have a cocktail collection that smells JUST like your favorite libation, from “Spicy Manhattan” to “Mulled Wine.”

Even better, Wax Buffalo is all about the environment. They practice sustainability at every step of their candle-making process, from start to finish. But not only that, the company is committed to helping YOU be kind to the environment as well.

Every time you bring your emptied candle jar and lid in-store, you receive a discount on your same-day purchase! Now that’s something to feel good about!

Blk & Bold

Blk & Bold is a Black-owned coffee and tea company on a mission to give back. The company strongly believes in contributing to society through its profits. To do that, it donates 5% of its earnings to supporting at-risk youth. The company also actively partners with over ten organizations whose missions embody positively impacting the lives of young people nationwide.

And did we mention the coffee? Blk & Bold specializes in producing some of the finest quality coffee in the country. From light roasts to cold brews, Blk & Bold is committed to providing “coffee shop quality” products at a fraction of the cost.

Naot Calm

Naot is a footwear company based in Israel. Made from Italian leather, each pair of shoes is expertly crafted to provide the most comfortable fit. From clogs to sneakers, this feel-good company has everything you need and more when it comes to quality footwear.

Our pick: The Naot Calm Slippers made with a squishy mattress foam padding for the ultimate in comfort.

And not only are their shoes extremely comfortable, but they’re also beneficial to the Earth AND its inhabitants.

Every year, Naot donates thousands of shoes to the less fortunate, from the homeless to victims of natural disasters. The company encourages its customers to do the same. That’s why Naot launched #NaotGivesBack in an effort to spread the love even further.

To participate, design a pair of shoes using a provided template, then share your design on social media using #naotgivesback @naot.northamerica. Naot will then create and donate your custom shoe to someone in need.



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Traditional haircare and skincare products often come in wasteful plastic bottles. But fortunately, beauty bar company Ethique has solved this problem by jam packing all the most important ingredients into a concentrated bar. Each bar contains the equivalent of three bottles of liquid shampoo. So not only are you getting the best bang for your buck, you’re also helping to save the environment as well.


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Plus, Ethique donates a fifth of its profits to conservation, animal welfare, and environmental groups worldwide. And if that wasn’t enough, the company has partnered with more than 170 organizations in an effort to give back, including Project Blue, Rainforest Trust, and Coral Vita!