Show your mom some love this Valentine's Day by going beyond the traditional flowers and boxed chocolates. Give her a meaningful and thoughtful gift that she'll cherish for years. Discount chain stores, drugstores, and dollar stores have diverse selections of arts and crafts supplies that you can use to make the most fantastic gifts! If your mom loves to decorate the home, create some homemade no-sew throw pillows for her. Put her favorite gemstones on them and dye them in colors to complement the color schemes throughout her living quarters. Here are a few more gift ideas we know your mom will absolutely love! 

Photo Album of the Grandkids

If your mom lives out of town, you and the kids can mail her a photo album filled with funny and heartwarming pictures of her grandkids. Include sweet handwritten notes from the kids stating why they love and admire their grandmother. Cut out pictures of your mom's favorite things and decorate the cover with them. Spray a little perfume on every other page for that extra flair.

Recreations of Your Mom's Best Recipes

Another idea would be to prepare your version of your mom's best recipes. To add elements of surprise, include ingredients your mom wouldn't usually use, but that still make the dishes taste close to how she generally makes it. Your mom will appreciate the effort you put into keeping her traditions alive.  

Book of Prayers

Fill your mom's spirit with a book of prayers for her. You can buy a blank decorative journal and write beautiful prayers on the pages. This is a fabulous way of letting your mom know how much you care and think about her daily.

Gardening Kit

For the mom who adores her garden, help her prepare for spring with a gardening kit. Include seeds of her favorite vegetables and flowers and different gardening tools such as a new rake, some small flower pots, garden decorations, and gardening gloves.  

Jars of Homemade Candies

Homemade candy generally tastes better than the standard store-bought treats, and if you excel at candy making, make a few jars of them for your mom. Some good candy ideas are pralines, chocolate clusters, toffee bars, peanut brittle, yogurt pretzels, and chocolate-covered raisins.