Native American Heritage Month came to an end in November, and I'd like to provide some insight on manifesting goals for the New Year. There's been a recent trend for manifesting your "life's dream," but we Native Americans have been doing it for centuries. We manifest by the moons and seasons. There are a time and a place to ask God, The Creator for your heart's desires, but they must be in alignment with The Creator's vision and your highest intention. At times of manifesting and releasing, it's good to sit with yourself to meditate and pray for what's best. You receive a clear answer when you're in this state of mind. These particular manifesting tactics aided in many Native Americans winning wars because they received strategy from God and a higher power. 

As December comes to a close, which is a time of expansion, I will dedicate great times for manifesting in January. There will be a lot of activity happening in January 2019. 2018 was a year of lessons after lessons. Many of us probably felt drained — there was an energy of going forward and then becoming stagnant out of nowhere. 

January 6, 2019, is a moon that brings about a time of building new foundations and re-structuring the goals that are practical. In this particular season, it is a great time to create a new start in business and to set those ambitious career goals. 

January 21, 2019, is the RVFO Cusee Moon, meaning "winters younger brother". At this time, there will be a lunar eclipse. This moon is a great time to release distinct pain from relationships, trauma, and unhealthy ways of self-expression. 

January will be a beautiful month, but what is beauty without a little pain. Let us work on releasing, so that we don’t have to re-do those same lessons from 2018. Remember to be specific in what you ask the Creator. Habakkah 2:2 states, “And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” We must use the tools and resources in order to become our best selves. 

In 2019, I will be launching a campaign for those who may need better insight into mastering themselves, working on blockages and patterns, as well as manifesting their goals into its entirety.  

Tips for Manifesting:

• Before manifesting, it's best to sit in reflection and meditation. Meditating with Biblical scripture helps, as well.

• Ask God for guidance

• Pray over your pen and journal

• Begin writing goals as though you already have them accomplished

• Definitive statements work best: "I have ____" or "I create ____" or "I will ___"

• Half the battle is believing you will receive all that you ask for

Example Intention for January 6, 2019:

  • I have all the resources, time and ability to transition into (whatever career you desire) that I need to be completely successful and prosperous.

Example Intention for January 21, 2019:

  • I release all beliefs, patterns and habits blocking me from nurturing and taking care of myself.

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