If you have curly hair, then you know about the challenges of maintaining it.  One thing you should never do is shampoo your hair excessively.   This is because curly hair tends to dry out often, and the shampoo sucks up a lot of your hair's natural oils and moisture.  On the other hand, it's vital to have a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy.  Avoid brushing curly hair heavily.  Instead, use a wide-tooth comb when detangling or styling your hair.  Here are additional ways to care for your curly hair.

Get Regular Trimmings

If you have curly hair, then you want to get regular trimmings.  Your curls will be easier to manage, and you promote more growth by doing this.  You can trim your hair yourself or visit the hairstylist to get the trimmings.  If you're doing it yourself,  you want to use sharp scissors and section your hair with a wide-tooth comb before trimming.  It is better to trim your hair while it's damp rather than completely dry or very wet.  

Choose the Right Products for Curly Hair

Another crucial tip is to buy the right products for your hair's texture.  If your hair is curly and thick, it is a good idea to use a heavy conditioner for maximum moisture.   If your hair is curly and thin, a light conditioner would work well. Hair creams are also a must-have for curly-haired girls for moisturization and curl definition.  Other good products for maintaining curly hair include edge control gel, a satin bonnet for protection at night, anti-frizz spray, a detangling brush, and a variety of hair oils to reduce breakage.

Dry Your Hair With a Shirt, Not a Towel

You don't want to dry your wet curly hair with a towel because it could cause frizziness.  Instead, you can pat dry your hair with an old cotton shirt.  You can also dry it by tilting your head and squeezing out the excess water from your hair. 

Don't Detangle With a Fine Tooth Comb

Another thing you don't want to do is detangle your curly hair with a fine-tooth comb.  This could cause pain and even breakage.  Instead, you should use either your fingers or a wide-tooth comb when detangling those curls.  Purchase a detangling cream with marshmallow root because it has a lot of the slip that's necessary for making detangling easier.

In conclusion, these tips will help you maintain your curly hair for years to come.