“I always wanted my time to be something I had full control over,” says Alex Wolf, writer, podcaster and founder of Creative Business School, “I always wanted to be as wild and crazy as I actually am without it having a negative effect on my livelihood.”

This desire for freedom is what ultimately led Alex to end up on the career path she’s on. Now she inspires creative business owners to create something real.

“I just launched Creative Business School where I’m going to hand-pick talented creative business owners twice a year to join me in a transformative three-day business retreat. Each program is going to provide undivided attention to your business challenges and in-depth trainings on topics like audience building, brand creation, creative marketing and customer retention.

“It’s for artists, designers, writers and real business people who want to tackle the blocks that come with being an artsy business person, turning that often messy combination into an asset for success.”(You can apply for this exclusively curated retreat here.)

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After Office Hours

But when she’s not working, Alex can be found reading, looking at photography and creating beautiful things on the internet. 

It should come as no surprise that someone with such an entrepreneurial spirit would attract friends who are equally as busy. But when she can, she’ll catch up with her closest friends via juicy phone calls.

“I’m coming to the age where I make special arrangements to fly out to see my mom,” Alex says of making time for family, “Last time I flew out to see her we went to a spa and it was very special. I want to make more moments like that. I should go visit my grandma who’s still alive very soon.”

And when she needs a dose of self-care, Alex lets music heal her.

“I put on my big Sony headphones and listen to instrumental hip-hop beats,” she says, “In New York, I will sit on the train and listen to hip-hop and people watch. It’s one of the most intensely satisfying experiences I can create for myself.”

To physically unwind, yoga is a go-to of hers.

“I like to do yoga to open my hips,” she says, “They say a woman keeps tension in her hips.”

The Everyday Grind

“I try to start each morning by opening my laptop and writing at least 500 words,” Alex says, “Most of the time it’s just a brain dump. I just throw up my thoughts until I feel like my head is clear. Once it’s clear, the good stuff comes out.”

After that, it’s time for her to get ready.

“I use Dr. Bronner’s soap (either peppermint or eucalyptus). I also use Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Cream for my face. I take a biotin capsule for my hair and nails and Sam-e to regulate my mood swings. I use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and rosewater on my hair and face, and I also tend to light my favorite sage from Sunday Forever


Keeping her long-term goals in mind is a surefire way for Alex to stay motivated — but that’s not something she worries about.

“I try to stay inspired more than I try to stay motivated,” she says, “Inspiration doesn’t drain the soul as much. It comes from a way more abundant source inside of us I think.”

To stay inspired, Alex just follows her nose.

“Some days I’ll want to read a book for hours,” she says, “Some days I’ll want to spend a whole day writing or designing a webpage.”

To keep her body fueled for the day, she drinks from the Apple water bottle her boyfriend got from their headquarters.

“I’m a total Apple junkie, so this water bottle encourages hydration,” she says, “I love you, Steve Jobs.”

At night, Alex brushes her teeth with her favorite electric toothbrush.

“Oh my god, I don’t know how I used to use a regular toothbrush,” she says, “I have an Oral-B Pro and I love it!”

But the most important beauty tip for her is also one that applies to all other areas of life.

“I always say that the best beauty tip is to believe in yourself,” she says, “Have you ever seen a woman who believes in herself? She is usually the most beautiful person in the room.”