This year's Grammy Awards was a ceremony that allowed for many firsts among Black artists. Of the bunch was actress, comedian, and host Tiffany Haddish who took home a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for her Netflix special, Black Mitzvah.

In a heartwarming clip shared across social media, Haddish is seen taping a segment of her show, Kids Say the Darndest Things, where she's pleasantly surprised to learn that she's won a Grammy in a category that a Black woman hasn't occupied since the late 80s.

"Y'all serious? I really won?" she tearfully asked her production crew, who confirmed the news for her. "You know a Black woman hasn't won in that category since 1986," she stated, referencing Whoopi Goldberg, who was the last to win for Whoopi Goldberg: Original Broadway Show Recording.

What followed this joyous occasion was a valuable teaching moment from Haddish about how far hard work and perseverance will take you in life.

"Can I tell you why I'm crying?" she asked. "It's a lot of bumpy roads that you cross, right? And it's a lot of times that you feel like, 'Am I doing the right thing? Is this good enough? Am I good enough? Am I strong enough to do this job?' And then you just have to believe in yourself as much as you can," she goes onto say. 

"Against all odds, you just say, 'You know what? I'm going to just put my best foot forward, and I'm going to give the world the best that I got.' Right? Anything is possible."

Check out the full clip below to hear Haddish's words of wisdom.