Is there a Virgo in your life who has caught your eye? The Earth sign most recognized for their love of perfection and practical approach to life might be a little daunting to flirt with. You’re not alone if you’re a little confused or intimidated by how to not over or underwhelm a Virgo. This Virgo-proof guide is sure to help you smooth-talk your way into a romance with your crush.

What You Need to Know About Virgos

Virgos typically fall between the dates of August 22 to September 22. Here is everything you need to know about Virgo sun signs if you want to make a good impression.

Compatibility with Virgo Sun Signs

Since Virgos are Earth signs, they are most compatible with their fellow earthies, (Taurus and Capricorn) as well as water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio). Expect this sign to gravitate towards things that create ease, things that lean into their love for logic and solution-based thinking. The compatibility goes to irresistible heights if you’re naturally composed, compassionate, and grounded as most earth and water signs generally are. It’s worth noting that Pisces, the opposite zodiac sign, acts as a mirror for the mutable sign and may be a beautiful match after addressing some challenges.

For this reason, fire and air signs and their unpredictable, inspiration-led personalities are often not best suited for Virgos who crave stability. None the less, an air or fire sign with heavy water and earth signs in their natal charts will be highly attractive for a Virgo who has these elements present in their chart too.

The Virgoan Urge to be Independent

There might be no rival for independent signs in the entire zodiac (Aquarius and Sagittarius may follow close behind). Virgo sun signs are extremely self-reliant which can come as a surprise for many. A Virgo knows what they want, and they aren’t quiet about it. If you’re crushing on this sign, it’s not uncommon to feel a little out of place when your Virgo crush places a lot on their own plates, and pulls it off expertly. Accepting their independence while making gentle space for them to ease up is a good shout. Be patient and allow them to see how reliable and genuinely helpful you are to encourage trust.

Understanding the Mask

Sometimes considered a little shy or even cold at first, Virgos are known for wearing the hell out of their mask when you first meet them. Over time, and as they sense they can trust you, the mask will fall. Your crush needs to see that you’re not a time-waster or someone who loves chaos (big Virgo ick). This hard-working sign knows how to protect their energy and conserve more time for making their dreams come true.

Tradition is Greater Than Eccentric Romance

Absolute romance is the only way for Virgos. The classic, elegant, rose-filled, old-school love is going to put a smile on their face. It’s all in the details though – keep in mind this is the sign famous for precision after all. Virgos appreciate effort as much as 10/10 dates and the mutable energy means they are flexible-minded. Traditions are way more favorable than modern, eccentric romance plans for Virgos.

Sweet Communication Is a Must

Mercury-ruled Virgo is all about communication. Approaching a Virgo is all in the words. Be deliberate, witty, thoughtful and genuinely interesting. Much like their Gemini-siblings who are also ruled by Mercury, they’re easily wooed by a flawless communicator. Virgos tend not to invest much conversation unless you grip them. Don’t flirt with clichés or pick up lines if you want to be in for a chance. Play it safe but keep it sweet. In a similar way, be true to your word when dealing with Virgos. Mean what you say and say what you mean, intentionality is a huge turn on for the sign likened to a literal goddess.

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