Eyelash extensions have undeniably made strip lashes a thing of the past! If you’re unfamiliar, these extensions are a semi-permanent solution that allows for increased length and volume, without using mascara.

Eyelash extensions feature synthetic lashes, applied by a licensed and trained professional. And adhere directly to one’s natural lashes – one lash at a time. The process can take several hours to complete. And the extensions can usually be worn for six weeks to two months.

Though opting for eyelash extensions can seem like a quick solution for someone who doesn’t enjoy grappling with strip lashes, there are risks. There is a risk of swelling, temporary loss of natural lashes, skin irritation and infection – if one is not careful. 

To learn more about how we can best take care of our natural lashes while applying and wearing extensions, we reached out to Anna Phillips, the founder and chief innovations officer for The Lash Lounge. Check out the five tips that she shared with us!

Find A Trusted Technician!

“There are so many salons that offer lash extensions and treatments and, just like finding any new beauty service provider, the information can be overwhelming! It’s very important to find a highly-trained lash extension technician because the health of your lashes and the safety and cleanliness of the service is at stake. 

A well trained technician will be able to provide a great service, but will also do a full consultation to understand your desired look. The best technicians place your natural lash health at the top of that list, never compromising the integrity of the natural lash for aesthetics. If an extension is applied that is too long or too heavy, it can damage a person’s natural lash, causing the lashes to feel heavy, bend or even break.”

Photo Credit: Ann Arbor

Keep It Clean!

“Taking care of your lash extensions is an important step in protecting your investment and, believe it or not, caring for your real lashes, too. With and without extensions, natural oils, makeup and debris can build up along the lash line, which both compromises hygiene and, for people with extensions, breaks down the adhesive bond that keeps the extension attached to the natural lash. 

Not committing to a regular cleansing routine can cause extensions to shed early, resulting in an incomplete look between refills, not to mention the risk of developing eyelid inflammation called blepharitis. To prevent this, use lash extension-friendly lash cleansers, like The Lash Lounge’s Lash Detox, moisturizers and makeup removers that do not contain alcohol or oil. 

Be sure to read the ingredient labels on your beauty products or ask your technician if they’re safe to use. Keeping this sensitive area around your eye clean will result in healthy skin, hair and longer-lasting lash extensions!”

Be Mindful Around The Eyes!

“While lash extensions are made for real life, throughout your daily routine, as possible, it’s best to avoid friction between your lashes and, really, anything else. Avoid rubbing or itching your eyes. If you must itch, do so around the eye in a small circular rubbing motion. When washing your face, refrain from scrubbing your eyes (a lash cleansing brush works wonders!) and use a lint-free wipe or towel to gently pat your eye area, then let your lashes air-dry. 

If you blow-dry your hair, avoid high heat that can cause extensions to melt, severely damaging your natural lashes. In general, the less you mess with your eyelash extensions, the better. While it may be an adjustment, your lashes will thank you!”

Try A Lash Growth Serum!

“Commit to lash health. Lash growth serums, like neuLASH PROFESSIONALTM, NourishLash and GrandeLash-MD, contain vitamins like pro-vitamin B5, peptides, antioxidants, proteins like biotin, extracts like green tea and blackberry saw palmetto, and more to help hydrate, condition, strengthen and promote the appearance of longer, stronger, thicker natural lashes. 

Little-known fact: You can use these products while wearing extensions. Healthy natural lashes are the only candidates to support eyelash extensions.”

Choose Foods That Support Lash Growth…From The Inside, Out!

“Giving your body a boost when it comes to nutrition has many benefits, including stronger natural lashes. Ensure you are getting enough nutrient-rich foods that support hair growth like eggs, strawberries, salmon, sweet potatoes, avocados and nuts.”

Courtesy of: The Lash Lounge

Anna Phillips founded The Lash Lounge in 2006 as the first premier salon dedicated to eyelash extensions in the U.S. Today, the company now has over 115 locations across 30 states. Anna’s passion for helping others feel beautiful, confident and cared for has fueled her unparalleled success—transforming a single-room operation into a national brand that’s had an impact on more than 90,000 guests nationwide.