Working with a controlling boss can paralyze you. Being micromanaged inhibits your freedom to move through work spaces. It also undercuts the skills and abilities you possess that led you to being hired. This helicopter management style can inhibit your creativity, sense of autonomy, and voice. While your career does not define you, having a controlling boss can certainly limit and affect your professional trajectory. Here’s a few tips on how to deal with a controlling boss.

Learn How They Work

Does your boss prefer weekly or daily updates? Do they like phone calls or video calls better? Is your boss more responsive to Slack messages or emails? Learning about your controlling boss and their work preferences can help you better handle their presence. If you can adapt to their preferred systems and modes of communication, you can meet them where they are. Communicate in a way they’ll receive your message best.

Keep Record of Your Progress

The proof is in the pudding. If your boss is prone to control and micromanagement, showing them your work progress and competency is the easiest way to gain their trust. Keep a detailed record of your stellar work, aka document those wins. Next time they question you about an assignment, pull out the facts and show your boss your how you’ve been excelling in your position and hitting your goals.

Anticipate Your Boss’ Requests

Imagine you’re in the next check-in meeting with your boss, and they read off a checklist of tasks to complete. You smile confidently and respond that you already completed or are in the process of completing said tasks. Look ahead and forecast items coming down the pipeline. This display of responsibility and ingenuity should help alleviate your boss of worry and show them that your responsibilities are under control.