An Aquarius native is notorious for not being the easiest to gauge when it comes to dating and romance. There is a lot of mystery around how to successfully flirt with an Aquarius, mostly down to how unpredictable this zodiac sign tends to be. The allure of an Aquarius is what attracts the rest of the zodiac, which also happens to be the downfall of flirting with this sign.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is a fixed air sign that represents the power of the mind and total freedom. Unfairly dubbed as being emotionally aloof, this sign takes a little magic (and a lot of patience) to get into the fun of flirting. Thankfully we have a few tricks that are sure to make the Aquarius way a little easier to understand.

Deep Conversations 

The way to an Aquarius’ heart is certainly through their mind. You’re dealing with the most intelligent sign of the zodiac and so coming through with some deep and intellectually nuanced conversation is a must. Forget the random facts and the clichés, the Aquarius of your dreams will only look in your direction if you have an unheard perspective to offer them on a social issue (double points if it’s controversial but faultlessly argued). Humanitarian issues are important to this sign too, so keep a collection of solutions and questions in mind. Flirting should never be superficial with this sign, instead keep Aquarius on their toes and show them that you can hold your own in a deep convo. 

Be Cool But Invested

Aquarius people will most likely feel more attracted to you once you prove you can keep your cool. They’re attracted to the nonchalant, the quietly exciting, the seemingly casual ease that seems to define your bond. Truthfully they don’t hate emotions, it’s just that they reserve deep emotional connection for those they truly love. Flirting with an Aquarius in an outright manner too soon will turn them off. Much like their air sign siblings (Libra and Gemini), Aquarius likes to keep things lighthearted rather than feeling weighed down with emotions. For now, let Aquarius know that you’re smooth with your feelings rather than gushing with emotion. 

Don’t Hide Your Unusual Side 

There’s no point in trying to hide your weird and unusual personality traits when beside an Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is very attracted to those who don’t suppress their weirdness, it actually affirms their humanity and ability to embrace their uniqueness. It also makes flirting a lot freer – Aquarius doesn’t like to be bound and rebels against all standards of beauty/decorum and so will find this a very bold and sexy act. 

Confidence or Go Home

Confidence is the sexiest thing for Aquarius’ (after rebellion, of course). The most confident of flirters will capture Aquarius’ eye. They like eye contact, having a bold personal style, and not being excessively loud to be noticeable. Aquarius, much like their sister sign Leo, is naturally confident and it’s usually felt the moment they walk into a social setting. As one of the most social signs, flirting with Aquarius is going to make a greater impression if you’re unphased by outside opinion and see yourself with high self-worth. 

Risk-takers Are Welcome Here

Nobody would dare try to seduce an Aquarius native by playing it safe. Immediately, no. To an Aquarius, your ability to take risks, pull it off expertly, and seem completely chill about the whole thing, is your express ticket to the top of their list. Dating an Aquarius is guaranteed going to be a string of calculated and uncalculated risks that seem to work out magically. You might as well get accustomed to this by demonstrating how much you enjoy life lived on the edge. 

Friendship Over Old School Romance 

Finally, we remind you that Aquarius flirting is rooted in friendship over everything. Forget that old school, 90s R&B romance in the early stages if you want Aquarius to take your flirting seriously. This is a sign that is more mental and intuitive energy than anything. They want to get a feeling of who you are at your core, your values, your dreams, and then they will feel confident to let their guard down entirely and create new romantic traditions with you.