Holiday parties are a great reason to break out that sparkly dress you bought in July or that festive sweater that doesn’t seem appropriate for any other time of year. Whatever the dress code is at your parties, there’s a way to buy new pieces that will help you shine without breaking the bank. It’s also possible to buy stuff that doesn’t just sit in the back of the closet, waiting for its time again next winter. There’s a way to buy festive clothes that fit the holiday season, as well as others. Here are some tips to help you in your shopping.

Sensible shades

There are bold colors that not only fit this holiday season, but other celebratory seasons as well. In fact, most bold jewel tones seem to be appropriate for any kind of occasion, no matter whether it’s the holidays or not. A bold emerald dress would be great at the office party and also your sister-in-law’s bridal shower. That sapphire top looks great for New Years and the Fourth of July. Choose colors that are versatile so you can get more use out of great pieces.

Add some accessories

Even if you’re just wearing a standard black cocktail dress, spice things up with some fun accents that will transform your look. A shiny pair of dangly earrings or a nice statement necklace would look great not only at your friend’s gift exchange, but also on your next date or anniversary. 

  • Seasonal swap

If you’re planning on making investments on bold pieces for the holidays, make sure that your pieces can be worn no matter what the weather is outside. For example, a strappy sequin dress can be worn over a plain black turtleneck and with tights in the winter, and on its own during a summer shindig. There are ways to add accessories like cardigans and belts to not only change things up but also make things all-season appropriate. 

  • Switch it up

  • Just because the standard form of dressing up usually means a nice dress or skirt, switch things up and dress up a nice fitted suit that will really make a bold statement. You could add a bold or sequin-adorned camisole to the suit to make things even more festive. Either way, investing in a bold suit not only works for a party but also your every day in the office.
  • Prepare early

If you’re already late on the holiday outfit game for this year, stock up for next year. After the holidays are over, rifle through all the sale racks for items that are marked down. There are bound to be pieces that catch your eye that are not only are cheaper than usual but also fit multiple occasions.