By now, you’ve definitely seen the “soft life” trend. It has taken over Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms. YouTuber Urania, characterizes it as Black women living “a life of ease, peace, comfort and intentional happiness.” It rebukes struggle love, stress and distress. And it consists of mutual relationships, clarity and self care.

If you like what you’ve seen thus far of the trend, and want to find ways to begin incorporating a “soft life” into your everyday life, then keep reading!

Start Your Day By Prioritizing Yourself

One of the facets of a “soft life” is living a life of ease and taking things slow. But a lot of the time, our days can be the exact opposite of that – especially our mornings. When you wake up in the morning, do you notice that the first thing you find yourself doing is rushing to prepare for work? Ruminating on the day or week ahead? This is definitely common for a lot of us, but this is the first place where we must implement a “soft life” mentality.

Try waking up at a time that allows you to get at least thirty minutes of time to yourself, before you have to begin preparing for work. These thirty minutes can allow you the time to drink your coffee in peace, meditate, or even just take in the beauty and stillness of the morning – all of which can be extremely beneficial to starting the day off with your mind in a calm place, rather than in a rushed, chaotic state. This calm energy will then be sure to follow you into the rest of your day. 

When we begin our days by prioritizing ourselves and our needs, we reinforce to ourselves that we are important. And our needs are important – actually more important than the responsibilities we take care of on the day to day. How can we pour our best selves into these responsibilities, if we’re not even taking the time to prioritize, and take care, of ourselves?

Create Boundaries In Your Relationships

Outside of our everyday responsibilities, the next thing that requires a lot out of us on an everyday basis is the relationships we keep. Are you feeling more energized or at peace after your interactions with others? Or are you left feeling drained? Really take the time to sit down and categorize all of your relationships – whether it’s romantic, friendly, or work-related connections. And decide which contacts fuel and energize you. Who would you like to give more of your time and energy to? And who do you need to reclaim your time and energy from?

We may not be able to completely remove toxic people from our lives, but you can alter how often you deal with them and to what capacity. And remember – you’re doing this to your benefit. You’re only going to feel more calm and at peace afterwards.

If You Still Haven’t Incorporated Self Care Into Your Life – Now’s The Time

Sometimes the images that we see on social media can lead us to believe that self care needs to cost hundreds of dollars – it has to be an expensive spa trip, or travel plans around the world. But it really doesn’t. 

Self care starts with incorporating your favorite beauty products and practices into your weekly routine or daily routine. Set aside a day to just pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, wash your hair, do an at-home hair masque, and add in some at-home facials. We promise – incorporating self care into your routine is guaranteed to make a difference in your overall well being, and really get you on your “soft life” journey.  

Don’t Chase What Isn’t Meant To Be

Another factor of “soft life” is rejecting struggle love and prioritizing relationships that are mutual. If you’re in the dating pool and notice that you’re consistently chasing after a love interest and they’re never doing the same for you – then drop it, quickly. If you’re in a friendship and notice that all the effort comes from you, then find ways to slowly redirect your energy elsewhere. 


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Living a “soft life” ultimately means that we know our worth, and we’re not waiting for others to give us the respect and love that we deserve. We prioritize that first ourselves, and set the standard for everyone else. It can be difficult at first, but we promise, this will come to feel extremely empowering and allow you to truly live a life of ease. Not chasing, but attracting what’s ultimately meant for you. 

Soft life, here you come!