Break ups are hard and what’s even harder is learning to move on. Without proper reflection, acceptance and liberation you can find yourself in a constant cycle of trauma. You could attract the same type of men or repeat old habits. One thing we don’t do is become bag ladies! We aren’t bringing our baggage into our next relationship. Here’s how to avoid it.

You’re Always Your Top Priority

As you may have already known, the number one step to releasing baggage is taking some time to work on yourself.

When it comes to unpacking your emotional damage, the person who will do that is not your previous partner or your new partner (no matter how great they are), it’s only you.

Some ways you can work on yourself are prioritizing your mental health and creating healthy habits. Simple practices like affirmations, deep self-care, and journaling can really go a long way. What’s so great about these exercises is that you can use them whenever you’re feeling triggered.

Another way to tackle these stresses is by working with a professional. Many people go to therapy to cope with past dating experiences.

No matter what you do, it’s very important that you take the time to fully process what happened and to heal.

Acceptance Is Key

Living in denial or even waiting for answers will only prolong the process of healing. What happened, happened.It may be hard to get over it, but it can also help to just accept it. Acceptance is a large step to letting go. Letting go of what was and accepting what is, is a great way to start anew. People come and go, that’s just the way life works. Instead of harping over it, be thankful for the experience and welcome what’s next to come!

Remember, There’s Alway A Lesson Learned

Looking for the lesson in it everything you’ve dealt with, can help your processing journey.

Some common lessons people have to learn when leaving relationships are setting boundaries, learning how to say no, loving themselves, and to be their own, individual person.

Taking time to reflect on the past will help you learn from old mistakes. In reflecting you may realize some flaws in your previous relationship dynamic that you may have been blinded from seeing by love.

Once you recognize what you don’t want, it’ll make moving on easier.

Learning To Grow

Once you’ve given yourself enough time to deal with a breakup, developing a growth mindset will help you to feel more positive and motivated going forward.

This mindset helps you approach situations by acknowledging that things don’t always go right but there’s always an opportunity to make progress.