The Travel Noire team has spent years inspiring readers to make travel a lifestyle, and now we’re sharing our top information in a new Masterclass!

Taught by Travel Noire founder Zim Ugochukwu, our How To Get Paid To Travel The World Masterclass will provide valuable information, resources and insights you need to help you begin your journey living and working abroad.

During the course, you’ll learn everything from the ins and outs of travel blogging and get tips for investing in property overseas to how to land a job as a consultant, English teacher, au pair and more.  As part of the Masterclass, students will receive the following:

1. 10 actionable lessons on how to quit the cubicle life and make money while you’re exploring the world.

2. Zim’s prewritten template on how to score FREE stays from hotels even if you don’t have a big following.

3. A step by step worksheet to help you uncover your hard skills and find new ways to monetize your strengths.

The best part is that we’re offering the entire Masterclass, which is normally $64.99, for $29. Take advantage of this deal while you still can and get a head start on planning a life abroad. Enroll in the class here.