Trouble waking up earlier in the mornings? We get it. There is just something about the way the second half of a dream hits when you fall back asleep. Still, there is nothing like waking up and seizing the day, even if you do so sleepily,

How to wake up earlier

Kick-start your mornings a little earlier than usual with these simple practices.

Go to bed when you’re tired

There’s no in point forcing yourself to go to bed when you’re not tired but pushing past your sleepiness is also not a smart choice. Make sure you are listening to your body. Reintroducing a bedtime based on how many hours of sleep your body needs is a good place to start in doing this. Consider the amount of hours you typically need to wake up feeling well-rested. Once you’ve figured this out, slowly readjust in small increments. While it may be tempting to force yourself to sleep 2 hours earlier, it might be more feasible to try 30 minutes instead. In time you’ll achieve an earlier bed time in a way that feels natural.

Get yourself into a night routine

We love a good nighttime routine. Winding down and preparing both the body and mind for a good night’s rest is part of a carefully crafted routine. Help your body see the allure of a good night’s rest and create a ritual of prepping to sleep. Incorporate elements like mood lighting to signal that it’s almost time to fall asleep. Other tricks include drinking warm beverages and doing some night stretches.

The Philips SmartSleep lamp has both sunrise and sunset simulation settings which are perfect for getting in the right mood. Wake up or wind down naturally with the lamp clinically designed to establish healthy sleep and wake-up patterns. The personalization element ensures that you can align your sleep patterns with this lamp.

Need some extra inspo? Check out these tips for a seamless and perfect night routine.

Work on your sleep hygiene

Your best bet to becoming a morning person, and actually managing to do so with ease, is a better night’s sleep. If you sleep well, you’re more likely to wake up feeling better. Investing in a pillow mist is a great way to ensure that you can drift off peacefully. The Bath & Body Works chamomile sleep mist uses natural essential oils to aid in sleep. Chamomile as an active ingredient works to promote calm and is a known sleep inducer.

Consistency is key

Over time, your routines will make sense to you and you should definitely cling to them. Consistently falling asleep and rising at the same time will make waking up a breeze. Soon your internal clock will be so in-sync that there will be no need for an alarm!

Incorporate movement into your day

The idea is, the more you move throughout the day, the more your body will crave rest come nighttime. Within your body’s limits, seek out enjoyable ways to add movement to your day. If you can join a dance class, go for a hike or even practice some home workouts, your body will have used enough energy to want nothing more than rest at an earlier time. Try to avoid working out at night as this may stimulate your mind and make it harder to actually fall asleep!

The anti-slip OYO mat is reversible and offers optimum comfort with the 6mm PVC cushioning. Enjoy workouts and sweat it out on this easy-to-clean mat.

Monitor your caffeine intake

Monitoring your caffeine intake during the day will help you to have a better chance of sleeping early. The best trick is to limit caffeine intake at later points in the day. A great exchange could be non-caffeinated drinks such as herbal teas. Try out new loose-leaf teas to bring some fun and creativity into your tea-making. This Kyraton glass teapot has a removable infuser which makes drinking non-caffeinated teas much easier. The heat-resistant glass and stainless steel infuser make the teapot a go-to choice for healthy teas.

Make it physically impossible to stay in bed

Placing your phone/alarm on the other side of the room ensures that you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. To prevent you running straight back to your bed, you could also lay out a yoga mat to prompt you into some morning stretches and motivate you to start the day.

Create a morning routine you actually look forward to

You guessed it, another routine. This time we’re thinking about creating a yummy morning routine that actually makes you want to get out of bed. Think about what makes you want to start your day right now. Tea has been considered a great morning ritual in many cultures. Another idea could be to prepare your morning smoothie if that brings joy.

Yet another approach is to think about what your body needs in the morning. Need some quiet time? We recommend digital silence in the early hours. Try keeping your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode for a few hours or even keeping your technology use to a minimum. Dream journaling and skincare are great ways to wake up and spend undisturbed time alone without the digital buzz of the world.

A personalized affirmation mirror to start your day might be the best reason to spring out of bed. Spending much-needed alone time to affirm yourself is made easier with this mirror which comes with color-changing LED lighting. Start the day grounded and adjust the soft lighting to match your morning vibe.

Ready to get yourself into the rhythm of early mornings? We’re rooting for you!

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