I’m not exactly on the dating market right now, but that only means that I'm the go-to confidant and soundboard for my friends who are actively looking for dates. It also means I spent quite a bit of time swiping with friends on apps — just to get in on the action and see what the landscape looks like. After all, isn’t dating via apps part of the millennial experience? Even if I can’t do it, I love living vicariously through everyone else’s lives. 

My time spent swiping, both as a single person and as a third party, has shown me that there are many different approaches that people take when it comes to introducing themselves to potential dates. There are those who are very upfront with what they’re looking for and who they are in the very first line. There are those who use humor to disguise possible flaws and major red flags. And then there are those who don’t bother saying anything and just let their pictures speak for themselves.

No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, it doesn’t hurt to spend a couple of minutes crafting the best possible bio for your dating app. A better, more representative bio just means that you’re more likely to find yourself in conversation with someone who you actually might get along with. Consider a few of these tips the next time you log in to swipe.

Don’t lie

It can be easy to want to embellish your life with interesting facts or cover up something you see as a red flag, but that can be a huge issue down the road for you. Not only is it not fair to the person on the other end, but it also sets you up with someone who might not be right for you. If all they are interested in is your feigned passion for football, then you might just find yourself with a bunch of sports enthusiasts clamoring to chat about the next big game. Being your true self is not only what’s right to do, but also the best way to set yourself up for success.

Showcase your talents

Everyone has things in their lives that they're particularly good at. These are the things that make you interesting to others. Your talent can be related to your job, your hobbies or your friends. It could even be your secret ventriloquist or Facebook stalking skills. You might shy away from showing what you’re good at with the fear of seeming like a show-off, but it’s important that you feel comfortable owning your successes. That’s especially the case in front of potential romantic interests. After all, you want someone who is comfortable with celebrating you for all your successes.

Highlight what’s important

If there are certain aspects of your life or personality that are especially important to you, make sure you make it clear on your profile. If your friends and family mean a lot to you, make sure you include a picture or a word about their value in your life. If your dog is your favorite friend or baking is your truest passion, include those facts as well. Not only does it paint a better picture of who you are, but it also just makes it that much easier for the person at the other end to start a conversation with you.

Keep it light

At the end of the day, dating apps are made to be swiped through. This means that a lot of times you’re only getting a couple of seconds (if even that much) attention on your pictures and text combined, so don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Keep things straightforward and easy so that someone would want to engage in conversation with you.