Kathlyn Celeste (For the Love of Kath) and her husband Sean (known as Cru Alxndr on YouTube) teamed up for a "RAPTORIAL" and I am looking for the track on iTunes as we speak. 

According to the beauty vlogger, she and her husband had the idea for a video like this back in September 2017 but it never came to fruition. But the idea never went away as Celeste still wanted to do something that put their passions together in a fun, innovative way. 

"One late night back in September, I was at my desk doing my makeup and Sean was at his desk writing music and the idea just came to me! It was when Fenty first launched and I wanted to do something totally different from all the other tutorials out there," Celeste told POPSUGAR.

Months later and a new Fenty BodyLava drop, the couple knew they did not want to let the opportunity pass again. In the description of the video Celeste wrote, "So Sean wrote the song Thursday [April 5] night at like 2am and Friday [April 6] morning I rushed to Sephora, came home, filmed, and BAM! I think we did a pretty good job making this idea come to life, do you?!" 

We DEFINITELY think you both did a fantastic job! Has this couple inspired a new beauty/rap video challenge? Let us know in the comments!