When it comes to taking care of your windows to the soul, there are many solutions to common eye problems. From Hyaluronic Acid to Niacinamide, the list goes on and on. But now the new girl in town is Hypochlorous Acid.

Itchy and inflamed eyelids (also known as Blepharitis) can easily be developed from a build up of debris on your lash line. What do you do when your eyes become irritated? This is where Hypochlorous Acid comes in to play.

Hypochlorous Acid already exists within your immune system. When your body encounters bacteria, it naturally releases it to fight off infection. This makes it a great natural resources to use when fighting off inflamed eyes.

Hypochlorous Acid fights against a wide range of microorganisms and infections. It also controls the body’s response to injury, and enhance its natural ability to heal.

Over the counter Hypochlorous Acid for eye care typically  comes in a spray bottle. Just simply spray it directly onto the eyelashes while keeping your eyelids closed. You can also spray it on a cotton pad and  then spread it along the eyelashes. There’s no need to rub it or rinse it off since it’s a very gentle solution. There is no stinging or discomfort when applying and is generally tolerated by many people.

Its best to use the solution when your eyes are irritating you or even when your allergies start to act up. If you suffer from continuous eye problems and the Hypochlorous Acid isn’t solving and issues, it’s best to go see an optometrist about what options are best for you.