Before a baby’s arrival, some couples may opt to take a vacation or getaway, as a final pre-parenthood hooray. Better known as a babymoon, this time away is an opportunity to celebrate, relax and connect with each other. While baby showers celebrate the baby, babymoons are just for you and your partner. It’s a special time, which occurs typically during the second or third trimester, for couples to commemorate their relation before embarking on this new exciting journey. 

A babymoon can be fabulous without breaking the bank. Here are five ideas for celebrating your babymoon on a budget. 


You don’t have to travel far or plan an over-the-top trip to celebrate your baby moon. Transform your home into a relaxing oasis. Light candles, dim the lights, turn on soothing music and run a bubble bath. Enjoy breakfast in bed or stay in your robe all day. The possibilities are endless with this option and there’s a certain flexibility that you won’t get anywhere else.

Beach Trip

If you live near the coast, one budget-friendly way to celebrate your babymoon is to head to the beach. Soak up the sun and take in those ocean views. Pop on that bikini to show off that growing bump and take a few cute selfies.

Prenatal Massage

Instead of shelling out the big bucks for an international vacation, stay in town and plan a spa day. Most massage parlors offer prenatal massages, curated to bring rest and relaxation. Prenatal massages relieve aches in your back, neck and legs, making it the perfect way to begin your new journey. 

Nature Escape 

One budget-friendly babymoon idea is to rent a cabin or an AirBnB. Depending on where you rent, cabins can cost only a few hundred dollars per night. You can pack your own food and spend the day hiking, kayaking or resting in your cabin.


Whether you’re headed to the nearest large city or to a quirky small town, get ready for a fun road trip. Pack your favorite snacks and get ready to take photos along the way of your most memorable sights.