Single life can be exhilarating. Unlike what social media tries to push on us, being single can be a great thing. Here’s why.

You Don’t Have To Deal With The Bullshit

Relationships are so difficult to navigate. Many articles, therapists and love guides teach us how to be in relationships and be “supportive partners.” The reality is that it can be challenging to find your forever person, and a majority of people you meet along the way can be toxic energy vampires who use, abuse, and dump. It can be a lot to deal with.

You Can Save Money

Being in a relationship can be expensive. With the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, there can be a lot of money spent in the process. The single life, especially in this economy can help save money, especially if you are working towards certain goals.

Time For Self-Growth

Even the most extroverted people need time to grow, self-reflect, and flourish, and a romantic relationship can often get in the way of that. Feelings, invested time in nurturing the relationship, and everything else involved in a relationship can be thoroughly time-consuming.

Better Time For Friends

According to a study published in the journal Contexts, people who have always been single have a higher tendency to be more attentive to their friends and family, compared to people who are in a long-term, committed relationship.

Career Focus

Society often tries to undermine the satisfaction attached to career prosperity, but that is not accurate. Expertise in your career can tremendously increase your self-esteem. Being in a long-term relationship can often take time from your career, and being single can be the remedy for continuous career growth.

More Independence

Committed relationships come with extra responsibility, like being obligated to answer to someone else. A single life is an independent life.

Photo by: Jasmine Carter

Better Health

Many studies have examined the impact of health on marriage and being single. According to a 2006 study, heart rates and heart disease rates overall were lower among individuals who had never been married. Several more studies and surveys discovered that people who are not in a relationship are less likely to gain weight than people in committed relationships.

Less Debt And Money Stress

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but money struggles can be stressful. In a survey published in the Journal of Finance and Accountancy, there were significant differences in debt based on the family type. Approximately 21% of single people had credit card debt, compared to 27% of married couples without children. Couples with children had the greatest debt of all (36%) due to more responsibility.


Freedom means that you can move to wherever state you need to bolster career success and life versatility. A single life can afford you the freedom to do that, so if you are not in a relationship at this time, do not stress about it.

Broad Focus

People who are single embrace the bigger, meaning of life, and hone in on relationships with people they love and care about. As opposed ti focusing on the special romantic partner, they focus on a wide array of special people in their lives.

Meaningful Work

Although married people and seriously committed people can be happy, they often do not have the time to pursue their passions in-depth. Singles are much more able to seize growth opportunities to pursue their passions and grow from the experiences that present themselves as a result.