Remember when you went on a job interview and they asked you “how organized are you?” and you lied and said you were an expert organizer? Well, let’s change that. Planning ahead can be time-consuming, but it's honestly the only way to build a secure process and start tackling them down one by one. Mainstream media shows us the success stories, but we miss out on all the planning and failing it took to get to the top spot of one’s career. For entrepreneurs and creatives, planning is essential to a healthy business lifestyle and a positive mental health palette. 

Superstar Tiffany Haddish recently told the ladies at The View that her comedy angel, Kevin Hart, gave her some words of advice that led to her success today. Kevin told her to “Make a list of goals that you want to achieve and start tackling those goals.” Haddish didn’t become who she is overnight, she worked at it and planned to the best of her ability. Of course, you always want to leave some extra room for surprise gigs and opportunities, but creating a stable goal list will help you stay driven and focused on your future. 

Here’s A Guide To Have A Thoughtful 2018 & Beyond:


With technology as our best friend, research the best calendar and scheduling app that suits your needs. I use a few apps for my beauty brand schedule and my personal work. Check out apps like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. For iPhone users, utilize your calendar and get familiar with alarms, notes and calendar sharing. 


  • Be honest about what you're currently doing. Analyze what you’re doing a lot of or not as much of. Whether it’s smoking, drinking water or writing in your journal, take an honest look at the lifestyle you have been living consciously or unconsciously. This will force you to be real with yourself and with your future. Even if that means looking at your Instagram feed or checking your Twitter status. Look at you first, then look at who you want to be.

  • Career goals, food goals and adventure goals are all separate lists. Feel free to make a few lists of things you want to work on. Think about your food intake, your spending habits or the career goals you wish to accomplish. All creatives and entrepreneurs have different goals they wish to make and separating your goals will ease your mind in the long run.


  • I find it best to plan during your off days or lunch breaks. Planning while you're working would be a drag and distracting, so planning when you are off work is a good way to have a clear mind. Be in a relaxed state and map out your work week both professionally and spiritually.


  • Maintaining a daily, weekly and monthly calendar helps for the creative minds with a million tabs open in their brain. Whether your schedule is consistent or all over the place, planning by the day or the week allows you to be in control of your movement.

  • Daily: Plan the morning/night before. Be realistic with what you can get done and be mindful of how much energy it will require for you to make it happen. Planning the day before allows you to add or cross out your goals in live time.

  • Weekly: When you’re in off mode, planning for your week ahead will allow you to stretch your goals out to a reasonable schedule. You’ll feel less overwhelmed when you see how you spread ten goals out to a seven day work week.

  • Monthly: Set the big goals or must-dos for the month. Classify which goals are very important, slightly important and just pure fun. Your daily and weekly goals with be very similar to your monthly goals, but setting your monthly goals helps you to dictate which goals have deadlines or necessary dates to complete.


  • Don’t set goals that you know you can’t achieve. Start your lists out with the easiest tasks. Knock out what is easiest and mentally prepare for the difficult tasks later.


  • Most goals we create, we have no idea how to actually accomplish. This is where research happens. You might have to research “how to” do whatever you are working towards. Ask co-workers or mentors who may be able to answer some questions you have, reach out to potential consultants. Be aware of what all it takes to get it done and start checking things off your step-by-step list.


When you become a victim of tunnel vision, your personality will shift. You will remain your true self, but be prepared to become a prioritized individual. Say "no" when you need to and feel confident about the decisions you're making. No one can take your accomplishments from you but you. So it's up to you to make a list of things you want to let go of to make room for your new goals.