After the early 2000’s came and went, there was a growing demand for Black girls to embrace their natural hair. Many of us ditched the chemical hair relaxers and heat and went completely natural. We sat down for hours to watch tutorials for the braid out, twist out, wash n’ go and everything in between After almost two decades of tending to our natural tresses, you may find that you’ve become fatigued from the endless nights and days tending to your hair. You may find yourself walking down the aisle of your local drug store and a box of hair relaxer catches your eye. You’ve stuck to your guns for so long, I’m here to tell you to grab that box. It’s time to perm your hair once again.

Being Natural For So Long Taught Us About Our Hair

Going natural wasn’t all bad for us! We learned so much about our hair that we weren’t taught when we were younger. We were able to find out how our hair reacts to certain external factors and how to work around those obstacles. We can apply these lessons to our newly permed hair! These tips and tricks can help you maintain a healthy head of hair even while permed.

Schedule Time To Wash Your Hair Frequently

Unlike the usual natural hair regimen of washing hair once a month, relaxed hair should be washed at least once a week. Especially during the summer when sun, chlorine, and saltwater can impact the status of chemically treated hair. Shampoos with hydrating properties can help you maintain and restore hydration in your locs. Always remember to follow up a good shampoo with a high-quality conditioner.

Deep Treatments Are Your Friends

While you’re making time for weekly washes, make sure to add deep treatments in there too. Deep treatments don’t always mean just conditioning! It can include hot oil treatments, deep conditioners, and hair masks. Incorporating these processes can give your hair extra hydration and also introduce nourishing ingredients to help hair stay sleek yet moisturized. For added benefit, consider applying a treatment to your hair a few days before your relaxer touch-up appointment as a protective measure.

See A Professional For Chemical Applications

This is a staple that will help your hair flourish! Although this may be where most of your money goes when tending to relaxer, it’s worth investing in a trusted stylist for touch-ups! Just keep in mind that similar to finding a specialist in any field, you may have to try several experts and professionals to be able to fit that glass slipper. Once you find a professional and build a good relationship with them, they should be able to advise you on the best care for your hair from the type of relaxer, to styles that work for your hair type and more!

Although home kits are easy to use and much more affordable than having a professional touch you up, it’s very easy to make damaging mistakes at home. Not waiting the proper amount of time between touch-ups is a huge no-no which many people do when you decide to do an at home relaxer touch up. Keep a schedule with your stylist and stick to it.

Trim As Needed

If you don’t take care of your hair properly, you can end up with excessively dry ends. Even with proper care however, trims are always needed. You shouldn’t wait for a trim either! The longer you keep them, the farther up your split ends can travel. They can even make their way up to the hair follicle. If you routinely take optimum care of your hair and observe other good practices, you’ll need to trim a little less often.