Warm weather, is that you? We can all feel the change in temperature just around the river bend and that means we’re also feeling the itch to be #outside. From brunches to birthday dinners, the scene is set to have a little fun. And, as we all know, that may mean having a mimosa or twenty—-but, who’s counting? As the numbers on our birth year move further away from the current one, recovering from a weekend with our girls doesn’t look the same as it once did. Headaches, stomachaches and a general energy slump are not conducive to the lives of working women with full plates and since we normally don’t have a vacation to recover from our vacations, it’s imperative that we’re able to get back to our regular schedules as quickly as possible. If you’re planning to go full steam ahead on making up for lost time this spring, here are some things you may consider having in your pantry for recovery days. 



One of the most sneaky affects of alcohol is the number it can do on our digestive systems and gut bacteria. This can throw our entire body off for much longer than we planned and cause that stubborn bloating that drinking brings to stick around as well. Kombucha restores the good bacteria that our bodies need to function properly. Having a bottle of it around to take a quick sip after a night on the town is a great way to beat the belly blues the next day. 


Activated charcoal

A hangover never feels great and the headaches that can come with them are even worse. Taking two activated charcoal tablets or dissolving the powder into water can soak up the toxins in your body and help alleviate hangover symptoms even before you wake up. Activate charcoal is a natural remedy so you can also take them again later in the day to continue detoxing you body. 


Jade roller

Drinking can cause our entire bodies to expand including our faces. Beat the face swelling by placing a jade roller in the freezer before your night out and using it as soon as you wake up to help you de-puff. The instant relief and ease will at least make you look better than you may feel. A jade roller is an essential beauty tool for your skincare routine anyway but it can be a true lifesaver when you’ve gone a little too hard the night before. 


Gel eye mask

If you’d rather lie in bed and let something else do the work of killing the bloat a few extra shots of tequila can cause, investing in a gel eye mask that can also be frozen can be a perfect option. Laying back with your eyes closed or siting up in bed to do a little work from home while wearing a cold eye mask can be help you feel energized while also making your face puffiness subside. 



We don’t often realize just how dehydrated we can become when we’re drunk until we wake up completely parched. Sleeping with a humidifier after a long night of partying can help restore a bit of moisture to your body so that you’re not running on fumes the next day. It can also be a great way to give your skin a little extra love before waking as one of the greatest barriers to glowing skin is a lack of moisture. Drinking water is so imperative to overall health for a reason so adding a little to your sleep can only help. 


Coconut water

We all know that electrolytes are essential when we’re trying to cure a hangover and the immediate thought may be to reach for a sports drink. But with the amount of sugar present in them, they often can take a little longer to restore the nutrients we actually need. So, this brunch season, stock up on coconut water to be your weekend warrior. Essential nutrients and electrolytes are plenty, plus, opting for natural coconut water can help you reduce the amount of sugar you consume.