Mentorship can have a powerful impact on someone’s life. The invaluable guidance, doors opened and care on one’s personal and professional growth is important. As a mentor, the actions that you are taking to help another person could fill you with purpose. However, the reality is that being a mentor doesn’t make you immune to imposter syndrome.

The Imposter Syndrome Struggle

Being a mentor comes with a unique set of challenges. The pressure to be a beacon of wisdom and inspiration can be overwhelming. You may find yourself questioning your own capabilities. It may cause you to wonder, if you are experienced, accomplished or qualified enough to guide someone else. The feeling of being an imposter can cast a shadow on the noble act of mentorship.

Combatting Imposter Syndrome as a Mentor

Being a mentor is a beautiful, yet challenging responsibility. It’s completely normal to grapple with imposter syndrome, along the way. However, by actively pouring into yourself, you can navigate these feelings and be the impactful mentor you aspire to be.

Take a moment to reflect on your journey. Acknowledge the accomplishments and milestones that have led you to this mentoring role. Your experiences, both triumphs and setbacks, have equipped you with valuable insights that you can share. You will not have all the answers, but it’s important to embrace vulnerability and be honest. Sharing your challenges and growth moments will make you more relatable to your mentee. It also reinforce the idea that everyone is a work in progress.

While going on this journey, build your own support system with a supportive network of mentors, colleagues and friends. You always can tap into your network when you need to understand something or work through a unique challenge. This safe space will allow you the opportunity to express your concerns and receive encouragement, helping to alleviate imposter syndrome.

Your role as a mentor is not about reaching a pinnacle of perfection. It’s about guiding and supporting someone on their own unique journey. Combat imposter syndrome by embracing the process and growth and reminding yourself that success is not a destination. Celebrate the wins, along your journey. Allow yourself to take pride in the positive impact you’re making.