You do not have to be a sneaker head to appreciate the Nike Air Max technology that was bestowed upon the world that wondrous day in 1987. Who doesn’t appreciate a hot release that offers stylish comfort? March 26th is etched in sneaker history as the day we all celebrate Nike’s advancement in technology and some of the dopest silhouettes to drop. In honor of sneaker head’s lottery day, 21Ninety is going to take you on a release tour featuring a few iconic releases from the past and present. Whether you’re a AirMax 1, 95, 97 or even a Vapormax fan, we have you covered.

Air Max 1 (1987)

AirMax 1 is the silhouette that started it all. One of my absolute faves in comfort and versatility, the 1s offer classic color ways and has often been reimagined with dope collaborators. It is a quintessential staple in your collection. The OG color way is a must have.

Air Max 90 (1990)

Following the success of the 1s, Nike released the Air Max 90. It’s silhouette involved straighter lines . The 90 has been deemed one of “the most critical pieces” to Nike’s success. Truthfully, the 90s are a household fave with even the most corporate of individuals copping a pair mixing the style with business.

Air Max BW (1991)

The Air Max BW changed the game with its “Big Window” design referencing the air bubble that is visibly larger than the designs that preceded this design. Tinker Hatfield is the genius behind this design with the Persian Violet being an OG color way that is still highly sought after.

Air Max 95 (1995)

In 1995, the Air Max was revamped. This time, the silhouette had a more rugged appearance with a gradient gray scale and brand-defining Volt color way that not only lessened the appearance of wear and tear on the sneaker, but created a cultural classic. If it one of the lost coveted designs to date. Nike ACG designer Sergio Lozano was brought onboard by Nike to create some awesome things. He shares with shy East the story behind the gradient color way. “I was looking across the lake out into the trees and I began picturing the process of rain eroding the earth and thought it would be interesting if the perfect product was unearthed by erosion.”

Air Max 97 (1997)

If there was a pair of Nike Air Maxs  for me to love, the Air Max 97s have to be my favorite. The silhouette is a mix between fresh and practicality. It shortens the foot visually and is one of the most iconic designs. You can keep it simple with the silver color way or ID a fresh mix yourself.

Air Max Plus (1998)

In 1998, the design for Air Max was once again re-designed . This time the show went for a sleeker look with waves that created the perfect runner. Designed by Sean McDowell, this is a “cult stature” silhouette. McDowell shared with Nike News, the story behind the aesthetic . “I hung out on the Florida beaches and just thought and sketched — it was one of my most creative times,” he remembers a vacation he took with friends between jobs. “One evening, it was turning to dusk, so the very blue sky was starting to fade to dark blue, and the palm trees were blowing in the wind.”

Staple Collaborations

Throughout the history of the Air Max storied legacy there have been collaborations that have become just as iconic as the technology. These are a few collabs that add automatic heat to any collection.

Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon

Wotherspoon’s eye for design created a design has proven the test of time. 

Off White ™️ X Air Vapor Max

Virgil Abloh creative genius shines through with this simple, yet sleek design 

Atmos x Air Max 1

If the silhouette doesn’t move you, the color way will.

DQM(Dave’s Quality Meat) Air Max 90 “Bacon”

The play with neutrals and shades of red provide a balanced aesthetic that pays homage to protein.

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