I know I'm In Love

Loving the partner you are with? Are you finding yourself more in love and want to know if he feels the same? If all is well on the homefront, it may be difficult to just pop out of nowhere with questions on the relationship. But you want to know, so it's not a bad idea to start "stirring the pot" as they say, to find out just how in love you are as a couple.

How Will I Know if the Feeling is Mutual

First, let's find out if your partner is feeling you the way you are feeling them. A good starting point would certainly be to make sure the temperature is balanced and the mood is chill. Starting a conversation with questions that may turn up the heat requires some low-pressure tactics. At this point in the relationship, you have an understanding of what approach gets you the best response from your partner. Here is a list of questions to ask your mate to help you know if they are in love with you:

  1. 1. What are your future plans? (If they involve mention of you, that is a good sign. If someone is not in love with you, more than likely they won't be including you in what they see for themselves in their future.)
    1. 2. Do you want to move in together? (Obviously if moving in together is an option, and appropriate, then this would be an exciting idea for both of you.)
    2. 3. Are you ready to meet my family? (If someone is in love with you, they are surely going to want to make themselves known to the people who love you the most.)
    3. 4. Would you like to take a trip together? (Going away, making plans to do something exclusively with one another, is a sign that the other person is interested in spending time with you. If your partner was not in love with you, they would not want to be going anywhere alone together.)
    4. 5. Can you cancel the plans you made with your friends to spend time with me? (Unless the engagement with others is a crucial event, then if your partner can and will decline that outing with friends, you know that you are "it", you are everything, and they have to be in love.)
    5. 6. Can we just cuddle tonight? (If your partner doesn't mind holding and caressing you without "getting some," and their spirit remains pleasant and loving, that is a tell-tale sign that they are in love with you.)
    6. 7. Are you in love with me? (Last but not least, the best question of all. Why not go for the gusto and just ask the question you want answered?)

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is put someone on the spot when it comes to feelings. Not only are they on the spot, but you aren't in the easiest place either. Waiting, yearning to hear the words you want to hear. Anxious, hoping the feelings are mutual, praying you don't get put on the spot to make any other drastic decisions. To leave or to stay. On the other hand, finding out the person you are in love with, is also in love with you, makes asking the questions that much more worth it.