As 2023, neared its end, a new trend started popping up on social media. Influencers and regular social users started sharing their 2024 in/out lists. The popularity of the “what’s hot and what’s not” listings has continued into the new year, as people share their hot takes on how they plan to live a better life.

What Are In/Out Lists

Think of in/out lists as a new take on resolutions that not only include what you’ll be doing in the new year, but also what you plan to leave behind. The lists are commonly displayed as text over video.

Content creator, Erin Garnes, jumped on the in/out list trend by creating an Instagram reel sharing her picks. Her list of ins included therapy, learning a new language and loving her body as it is now. Doom scrolling, people pleasing and impulse purchases were included on her list of outs.

A common theme seen on creator’s in/out lists is a return to authenticity. Recently the highly curated aesthetic of Instagram has taken a blow. More and more people are leaning into the quirky realness regularly found on TikTok. Many people’s in/outs are centered on releasing perfectionism and embracing mistakes no matter how messy or ugly they might be.

Living with more social awareness and environmental consciousness is another popular theme seen on many in/out lists. Ins like quality over quantity are replacing outs like single use items and comparison culture. The days of “shop til you drop” are now being frowned upon. Content creator, Krithy, shared an in list that included “conscious consumption of clothes, social media, food, tech products, etc.”

If the lists are true, then in 2024 we can expect to see less Amazon hauls and more locally sourced purchases. There’s a freshness that this trend is welcoming in. A return to simplicity and a hope for more peace and less pressure.