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As the new year approaches, it marks the perfect time to relax, relate and release the negative energy that came during this year. 

The new year creates the perfect backdrop for a fresh start. It is time to manifest your goals, set intentions for the year, and realign your focus to achieving your aspirations. Incenses, like white sage and palo santo, are great tools to use for cleansing your space and promoting overall health and positivity. Here are some great incense buys to create a positive atmosphere for the new year.

No Bad Vibes

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Palo Santo translates to “holy wood.” It clears negative energy, brings positive energy, and purifies the spirit. It also inspires creativity, aids in healing, and creates a deeper connection with a divine source. After lighting the smudge stick on fire at a 45-degree angle, keep it lit for about 30 seconds before blowing out the flame and enjoying the aroma of the smoke. The unique smell aids in deepening spiritual moments and giving a closer connection to one’s being. Palo Santo is a great buy to cleanse any negative energy for the upcoming year. 

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White sage is the go-to energy cleanser. It is one of the oldest and purest forms of cleansing. Its healing properties work to drive out negative spirits and cleanse a person, group of people, or space. The smoke produced from the smudging process creates a barrier to ward off negative spirits from entering the room. White sage also helps promote better sleeping and relaxation habits, and happier moods, and boosts cognitive functions, such as memory and focus. White sage is an old and true method for bringing great energy into the new year.

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Anxiety be gone!

Sandalwood is used to promote calmness and relieve anxiety. The scent of sandalwood lessons feelings of irritability and aggression, which leads to having a calm and open perspective. The smell works to uplift and replenish the soul, cleanse your aura of any negative energy, and promote mental clarity and self-love. It is grounding and balancing, which makes it perfect for meditating. In addition to calmness, sandalwood is used to promote good luck and prosperity and reduce signs of aging making it the perfect buy to promote great energy.

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Good for the spirit!

Rosemary is an herb that has a lot of spiritual benefits. At its core, it is great to use for cleansing a specific space and your aura. It helps to rid your entire body of negative energy, boost self-love and increase mental clarity. Similar to Sandalwood, Rosemary reduces anxiety and creates emotional balance. The scent of rosemary works as a cognitive stimulant, which boosts moods, improves concentration, and raises alertness. It can also ward off nightmares, promote better sleep, serve as protection and conjure good luck.

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Cedar is associated with prayer and healing. One of the major uses for Cedar is amplifying prayers and blessings. It grounds and centers the mind, and connects you with the spirit. Often used during times of high anxiety and stress, it calms the mind and relaxes the body. The scent also can help guide you to finding your overall life purpose and keep you on the right path. It is a great tool to build courage and confidence. 

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While white sage eradicates negative energy and purifies the surrounding with its strong aroma, blue sage attracts wealth, prosperity, success, health, and healing into your life with its soft floral aroma. Blue sage works to cleanse a space in the opposite way as white sage. Through the smudging process, incense works to promote healing and wisdom. Blue sage is the perfect incense buy for creating a positive atmosphere as you enter the new year.

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Relax your mind, let your conscious be free…

Tibetan monastery creates a rich, earthy and pure aroma in the air that helps to soothe the mind that is restless and calm the spirit. This incense works to not only calm the mind but also alleviate depression, anxiety and stress. The Tibetan monastery incense is perfect for promoting a peaceful mind and keeping distractions away. In addition to the work that it does to calm the mind, it also clears unwanted and negative energy from a space.

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While it works to improve moods, diminish stress and increase certain cognitive functions, frankincense has many health benefits to it as well. In aromatherapy, this incense clears nasal passageways. It also relieves congestion and helps to breathe. Frankincense helps with release. If there is something that you are working hard to let go of, the scent produced from burning the incense will help provide the energy needed to release the mental baggage. 

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